Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beyond Disturbing Child Abuse Stories: Corey Feldman and Alison Arngrim Shed Light on Abuse in Hollywood

Some of the most shocking and horrific revelations about child sex abuse come from a city that most outsiders think of as a place of dreams come true. Some former child stars are coming forward with their stories, and it is not a pleasant thing to look at. Although it is possible for children to be in the business and safe at the same time, the chances are extremely low if parents are not vigilant about watching their children’s every move.

Corey Feldman, one half of what is now lovingly referred to as “The Coreys”, wrote a book that offers some very eye-opening information about child sex abuse in Hollywood. The other Corey, Corey Haim, died in March of 2010. The title of the book is ‘Coreyograhpy’ and by all accounts, the information contained within its eye-opening pages screams foul play against the adults who are charged with keeping the children safe.

It is terrifying to realize, according to some reports, that some parents will actually pimp their children out in order to get them in front of the television screen. It goes to show that not all parents truly have their children’s best interests at heart. According to Alison Arngrim, of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ fame, the perpetrators of such crimes prey on children who are the most vulnerable. For instance, children whose parents are going through a divorce or who have addiction problems are the most likely targets for child abuse in the entertainment industry. Her book, ‘Confessions of aPrairie Bitch’, points out her own experience with this type of abuse.

One of the main reasons for writing ‘Danny’s Grace’ was to highlight the child abuse problems that exist as a whole in the United States. It is not just a ‘here and now’ problem. The effects of child abuse can echo throughout the adult years for children who are victims. They are the most innocent of victims who don’t have a voice, and if the adults in their lives don’t speak up, what chance do they have?

California laws have changed in recent years. People who have been convicted of sex offenses are not allowed to work with children, and parents are required to be within eye-shot of the children as they work. Laws have changed throughout the United States in an attempt to help children as well. Those laws all prevent people with sexual abuse convictions from being in the presence of children at any time. One of the biggest problems is that not every perpetrator has been convicted of such crimes. A person who has been convicted has already destroyed at least one child’s life. That is why children need adults to speak up.

In fact, people who know about abuse and don’t speak up keep all children in harm’s way. Why ruin someone’s reputation? It’s simple; because they are destroying the lives and mental stability of the children who can’t possibly understand that what is happening to them is not normal.

One more observance. People who do not say anything when they know of such abuses are just as guilty of the act as the person who committed it. You can’t simply turn a blind-eye and think that you are not as guilty of the occurrence as the person who invades the child’s innocence. It is an appalling revelation to learn just how many adults are unwilling to speak up and out about these issues. Get a backbone and stop the madness. Kudos to Feldman and Arngrim for pulling the blindfold off of the problem. Looking it squarely in the eye is difficult, but if these children were forced to face it, why can’t so many adults look it squarely in the eye and scream “STOP”?

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