Thursday, February 13, 2014

Million March against Child Abuse

The main goal of the Millions March against Child Abuse is to make people more aware of the dire situation of abuse. It is said that there have been four times the number of child deaths as a result of childhood abuse than there have been troops that have died in the war on terror. If we find it so shocking that so many men and women have died on battlefields abroad, why are we not as shocked about the number of children who are dying on the battlefield of their very own living rooms?

Experts testified at the Washington Conference, which took place in 2011 that they believe upwards of 10 children die each day as a direct result of injuries they suffered from at the hands of an abuser. Three states did not report the number of child deaths that occurred as a result of child abuse. States are not required to share those statistics.

The Millions March against Child Abuse is held annually, and the next one will be held on April 5, 2014. Contact CWAV USA (Children without a Voice, USA), in order to take part in the walk. If you are unable to take part in the walk, consider another method of aid. You may also organize a walk in your area in order to show support for these children. Monetary donations can be made via the organization’s website or you can become a volunteer in your local area to help children who are suffering from child abuse and neglect. Don’t just stand there saying how disgusted you are, take action.

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