Monday, February 10, 2014

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis on General Hospital) puts her heart where her mouth is

Nancy Lee Grahn plays ace attorney Alexis Davis on ABCs General Hospital. In that role, she plays a strong woman figure who, though quite flawed in the area of choosing men, is a great role model for young girls to follow. I am a fan through and through for the character and the actress because the the real life woman is strong as well.

Nancy often posts her political beliefs on her Facebook fan page, and I very often and strongly disagree with her on those views. A recent post got my attention in a way no other has though. She pointed us to a blog posting she writes about Dylan Farrow’s open letter in regards to Woody Allen’s sexual abuse against her.

Never sure of what you might see from Ms. Grahn, I read with one eye closed in fear that she would be like so many others and attempt to make excuses for Allen. I should have known better. Grahn made a very good case about the court system in regards to childhood abuse issues in the blog. She is an intelligent woman with strong convictions, and her arguments bear listening to on any subject. It is a delight to read her well thought out and researched posts, even when I don’t agree with them.

Rather than write a long blog post about abuse today, I am going to lead you to Nancy Lee Grahn’s blog post about the situation. She has gone through her own child custody battle with her ex-husband, and though she states that she does not want to discuss the details of the case, it did not involve child sex abuse. You can read her blog here. The blog is not a diatribe about the Dylan Farrow case. It states facts about child sexual abuse and allegations, the reality as to whether children can truly be brainwashed, and other statistics that are very difficult to read. Grahn testified in an attempt to help change laws regarding accusations of child abuse in custody cases. Read the blog in order to understand what the law is and why it needs an overhaul.

She chooses to be an activist rather than a pacifist. She wants to get things done, and I applaud her for her efforts in working towards solutions rather than sitting back and complaining about a situation. Hats off to her for working to protect children in general, not just for her own personal gain. Take the time to read the statistics and decide if you want to be someone who does rather than someone who complains.

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