Monday, March 24, 2014

Danny Bonaduce

Danny Bonaduce has had a rough road since he was a child star. He not only developed a drug and alcohol habit, he also had very serious violent tendencies. He seems to have calmed down quite a bit in recent years now that he is with wife, Amy. Bonaduce has kept his life in the public eye as much as possible, including a reality TV series and various radio shows.

Danny has not been the shining role-model that seventies parents would want for their kids, but that did not stop kids from loving his conniving character on the Partridge Family. It didn’t stop them from becoming lifelong, devoted fans of this errant entity who somehow still finds a way to get into our hearts.

He does not like for people to congratulate him for getting clean and he doesn’t blame anyone for his actions but himself. He credits his mother with trying to help him get clean long before he actually did. He’s matter-of-fact and you rarely have to worry about whether he’s holding back what he’s thinking.

He deserves a few kudos though, like it or not, for not allowing himself to stay in a bad position. Once homeless, he was able to work his way back to the top. And even though he puts on a tough exterior for the public, it is rumored that he’s really a big teddy bear. Thanks for the years of entertainment, Danny. Glad you are back on top of your game.

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