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Dreamcast for Danny's Grace

Danny’s Grace is very close to my heart and, like most novelists, I have already thought of who would be best to play the roles if it were ever scripted. Here is my list of dreamcast members that, according to their personalities and own life experiences, would make the perfect players in the film. The setting is in the seventies, so most of the cast members were going through crazy fame  at the same time Danny Rush was.

Kristi McNichol- White Dog trailer

 Grace- Kristi McNichol would be perfect for this role. Grace is a little bit too serious through most of the book and there is a hint or two that Grace could be suffering from a little bit of a bi-polar disorder. They aren’t huge hints, but they are subtly placed throughout the book. Kristi is a fantastic actress and could pull off this role with no problem.

Leif Garrett- Chanel Commercial parody of Brad Pitt

 Danny Rush- Danny Rush goes from age 7 to middle-age in Danny’s Grace. I chose the person who would fit the role best according to personality and personal life experiences as the oldest Danny. The actor would have to be Leif Garrett. He could easily play Danny successfully, and he might even laugh because maybe, just maybe, Danny might be a little tame for his taste.

Alan Ruck as Cameron on Ferris Bueller's Day Off


Carson- Carson is the tamest of the characters in the book; therefore, I do not have a specific person in mind for his character. He is an integral part of the story though, so I included him in the mix. Maybe readers could suggest someone for this role? Keep in mind that he is a 7-year-old and later a teenager in Danny’s Grace. Maybe an Alan Ruck type (Cameron from Ferris Bueller).

Kim Richards- Scene from Love Boat (A few years back)

Mackenzie Phillips on Rosie O'Donnell talking about family

Janelle Rush- (Danny’s Sister) There is a toss-up with Janelle because there are so many great choices. Mackenzie Phillips could pull off the role just because I think she would really bring Janelle’s personality to life. Kim Richards would also make a fantastic Janelle (except Janelle’s hair is dark) because some of her life experience would help bring Janelle to life. Both of these women have a great personality that could pull off the last scenes in Danny’s Grace with ease and make the audience stand up and applaud.

Danny Bonaduce on Oprah's "Where are they now?"

Bennie- Bennie is a drug dealing, arms dealing pimp with the hots for Danny’s sister. He’s protective of Janelle and proves his love in spades. Danny Bonaduce would play this role without a problem. Oh, did I mention that he does have a penchant for murder, but only when it is really necessary. He’s a hard-ass and I can’t see anyone but Bonaduce doing it.

Top 10 Sean Penn roles

Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) goes after Martie Saybrook in OLTL

Rick Rush- (Danny’s Father) Rick Rush is a mean, nasty child abuser, among other things. Someone with a lot of guts would have to play this role because that person would have to take on the persona of one evil man. Who could pull that off? Maybe it would be the perfect role for Sean Penn. It could also be one of my favorite good/bad character players in the soap opera world, Roger Howarth.

Sandra Bullock- Miss Congeniality

Mrs. Rison- (Danny’s Mother)- Sandra Bullock would be my first choice because she has the ability to play any type of character flawlessly. Danny’s mom is a “concerned parent” who never really understands that keeping her mouth shut could kill her kids. Although I don’t see Bullock in that light at all, I do see her acting as superb and she could definitely play the role well.

Dr. Drew talks about Celebrity Rehab

Rehab Doctor- The good doctor is not in the book too much, but I thought it would be fun to throw it out there. Who else could play the role other than Dr. Drew? Very caring, but also very matter-of-fact.

There are a lot of other characters in the book with minor roles that play a major part of the storyline. Although it could be fun figuring out who would best fill those roles, it would take me into next week to try to find the perfect actors. If you have already read Danny’s Grace, what do you think of the choices? Who would you change? If you haven’t already read the book, why not?

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