Thursday, March 20, 2014

Extensive neglect does this to children

What happens to a child who is kept in a closet like an animal with a broken window, roaches and spiders for years? That child loses all touch of reality and never learns how to cope in the world. That is exactly what happened to a little girl named Danielle. Although at least two people contacted child services about the situation and the home was visited, the little girl was still left in her mother’s care. The first visit was when the girl was two-years-old.

The second visit was when Danielle was almost seven-years-old. The house had so many cockroaches that the officers could not walk across the floor without hearing the loud crunch. She was found in a closet with dirty diapers piled high all around her. She didn’t put up a fight when the police officer picked her up and tried to talk to her. She couldn’t respond because she didn’t know how to talk. Feces was spread on the floor and wall. Some of it was from animals, the rest from humans.

Danielle’s mother begged the officer not to take her from the home. He took her anyway and put her into the hospital. Two older children, boys, lived in the home as well. They did not appear to have the same issues as Danielle, although one was described as mentally retarded. The boys were left with their mother.

Only two people spoke up on behalf of this little girl and the calls were made five years apart. Danielle never went outside to play like other children and never went to school. Her story is a heart wrenching one; however, her adoptive parents gave her a new chance at life. They call her Dani and they love her as she were their own child. They have an older son and they lived in Florida at the time of the adoption. Dani still does not speak, not in terms of having a conversation. She does smile and show emotion now.

The Lierow’s didn’t want  a child like Danielle. In fact, they said that she was everything that said there were not looking for. They are a churching-going, stay-at-home type of family and the only thing they thought missing from their lives was a daughter. They visited Dani and instantly felt a connection with her. God’s hand guiding them to her? She now lives a stable life where she is safe and well-cared for. Read the entire story here. And please, if you suspect child abuse or neglect, make that call. The only person you are hurting if you don’t is the child.

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