Thursday, March 20, 2014

John Stamos a Childhelp Celebrity Ambassador for more than 20 years

John Stamos is a well-known and beloved actor on the Hollywood Circuit. He first stole the hearts of General Hospital fans as Blackie Parrish before he moved on to Full House as Uncle Jessie. He is even a smash hit in the Oikos yogurt commercials. What many may not know about him is his great dedication to the ChildHelp Organization.

Stamos is an active Celebrity Ambassador for the group and has been for more than 20 years, offering his time and energy to help children who have been abused. He has been the emcee for an annual Christmas celebration for as long. It is always a wonderful thing to see when celebrities give back the community when they have made it big. Our hats are off to John Stamos (a personal favorite of mine since Blackie Parrish). Thank you for caring about kids who were placed in a situation they had no control over. 

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