Monday, March 24, 2014

Leif Garrett

Born: November 8, 1961
Born in California

There isn’t a lot left to say about Leif Garrett that has not already been said. He was a huge teen idol in the seventies and fell hard into drug abuse. He’s attempted on numerous occasions to break the habit and fans continue to rally behind him in hopes that he has really beaten it this time. Leif loves music and consistently works in that field today.

It is difficult to discuss anything Leif related without bringing up the drug issue because it is quite literally a part of who he is. He made excuses for years about why he had the problems he did, but, it looks like he has reached a new era in his life. He has finally said that he is responsible for the choices that he made. He’s currently working on a book about his life and his mother wrote a novel about the subject of child stars and the pitfalls of the business. Neither book is available on the market yet.

Although the addiction is part of his personality, it is not his entire life. He still works every chance he gets, he’s no longer bitter about his past experience as a teen idol, and he says he is drug-free today. He has spent time in jail and, fortunately, he didn’t care for that too much. Although his fan-base is not nearly what it used to be, there are still plenty of fans who still love him and want to see him happy and healthy.

He was the main bread winner in his family for several years, he has a great sense of humor, he’s non-violent/confrontational (sober at least), and from all accounts, he’s polite and caring of other people and their feelings.

(The point of these blogs is NOT to dredge up all the mistakes the stars have made, but to give a little insight to what this author has witnessed via online interviews by various outlets. A positive note is more treasured here than the negative. Though impossible to leave out some of the difficult times these stars have had because it has been such a big part of their lives, I would rather just be thankful that their presence put a smile on my heart for so many years.)

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