Monday, March 24, 2014

Nicollette Sheridan

Born: November 21, 1963
Birthplace: Worthing, United Kingdom

Nicollette Sheridan did not hit it really big until she was an adult. She was on the seventies scene though, credited with a ton of commercials and quickly winning the hearts of young men around the country. She captured the heart of one of the biggest teen idols of the time as well. She and Leif Garrett were a hot ticket item, even becoming engaged at one point. The relationship eventually ended and the pair went their separate ways. 

Sheridan landed great roles in the eighties including the series “Paper Dolls” and “Knots Landing”. Her most recent stint was on “Desperate Housewives. She is still as beautiful as ever, but what is her real story? The truth is, she has only proven to be a good friend and even a good ex-girlfriend, to the people she cares about most. She keeps her private life to herself, and interviewers have tried in vain to get her to spill her secrets.

There isn’t much to tell about her personal life, though she had an on-again, off-again relationship with Michael Bolton and was married to Harry Hamlin for a couple of years. She appears to be a fun loving girl who has a great sense of humor, especially when giving and taking Silly String baths with Ellen Degeneres. The only tidbit you might find on her is that she says she is germophobic and therefore, is a neat freak around the house.

As for being a good friend and ex, she was credited with approaching Leif Garrett’s family to express concerns about his drug use many years ago. She is the one, according to Leif’s “VH1: Behind the Music” special, who planned the intervention and took him to a rehab facility. That’s a real and true friend right there. Thanks for the years (decades, really), Nicollette. (This writer a fan since she played Paige on “Knot’s Landing”)

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(Although there is bad press on every celebrity, the intention of these blogs is not to focus on the transgressions of the stars, but to add as much of a positive spin as possible. Celebrity gossip is so outdated.)

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