Friday, May 30, 2014

H.E.R.O. Corps: U.S. military veterans to the rescue again

Veterans of the United States military are heroes in every respect and they have every right to claim that title. Some of those veterans, often injured in the line of duty, want to continue serving their country, even if it means in a different way. A program called the H.E.R.O. Corps is giving them the chance to do just that. Now these men and women are serving to protect children who are victims of child predators.

The group uses technology in much the same way as the predator does and it is working to track down those people who willingly harm children. The battlefield for these veterans may be on the home front now, but the stakes are just as high, if not higher than what they were fighting for before. They are fighting for the rights of children to live a happy and carefree childhood.

This blog is a quick read, but you can find more information on this group of true heroes here. If you want to watch something inspiring, watch the video that is found right here.

Perhaps if Danny, Janelle and Carson had heroes like this, Danny’s Grace might have turned out a lot differently. 

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