Monday, June 2, 2014

Drowned 4-year-old in San Bernardino is a remind of summer safety for kids

My grandchildren getting in the pool for the first time-Summer 2014

There were no drowning incidents in Danny’s Grace, although there was a near drowning. It’s that time of year that parents could use a reminder that summer safety measures can help save a child’s life. A recent article about a drowning of a four-year-old boy in San Bernardino dated June 2, 2014, is a stark reminder of summer risks for children all over the United States.

The accident happened while the boy was playing in a hot tub. His hand got caught in a suction drain and the paramedics were called. Rescue workers attempted to get him free; however, he was unconscious and did not respond when they tried to revive him. The drain did not have a cover on it at the time of the accident. If the drain had been covered, the accident would not have happened. It is a nightmare that no parent wants to face, but far too many are forced to.

Toddler Jessica McClure is finally rescued from a well after she fell in

Summer Safety for Children:

Drains- Make sure drain holes are secured and covered prior to allowing children to swim or enter a hot tub. Hot tubs are not appropriate for small children because, as in the case of the boy mentioned, it can be dangerous for them. Double check to make certain that well covers are also securely in place before letting children in the yard to play. That was a difficult lesson to learn in 1987 when 18-month-old Jessica McClure fell into a well and spent hours stuck there until rescue workers were finally able to free her. She survived, but the entire nation watched as the rescue workers toiled through the night to get her out.

Sun Screen- Children should be protected from the sun because without it, they can suffer from severe burns, skin cancer and severe pain without it. If the children will be outside for extended periods of time, they should also wear hats and sunglasses to protect their face and eyes.

Water Safety- Children should never be left to play on their own near a pool or other body of water. Small children should wear floaties as an extra safety measure. Safety vests are required for children while out boating as well. An adult should always be present when children are swimming.

Fluids- Make sure the children drink plenty of water and juice to stay hydrated. The hot summer sun can quickly drain fluids from the body and that can cause illness. Instead of taking a trip to the emergency room, give the kids a lot of water and continue with the summer fun.

Cars- Heat in the car can rise quickly when there is no air conditioning or the car is not in motion with the windows down. Never leave a child in a car during the hot summer months. Not even for a second. Too many babies and small children have died because they were left in a car when it was too hot.

Although these are basic precautions that every parent knows about, the excitement of getting outside could mean that something important slips the mind. Do not let that happen when it comes to basic summer precautions. One error could cost your child his or her life.

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