Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gun laws, bulletproof blankets and child safety

Gun control. These are two very small words that hold a great deal of power in the United States. People against it do not want any changes to gun control laws unless it is to lower the existing standards. People who are for gun control want everything from stiffer regulations about who can own a gun to taking guns completely out of the hands of Americans. The debates continue and mass shootings are still occurring.

Children of the fifties and sixties only had to worry about nuclear war. It's much worse now because the enemy may live right next door.

The link between gun control and child safety is an easy enough one to make. An inventor in Oklahoma created a blanket that will keep children safer during a tornado or other natural disaster. The material is bullet proof as well, so the item could also be sold to help children run away from anyone who might enter their school with a gun. This may be one of the best ideas yet, even with the flaws in the style of the blanket.

The blanket can fit on the child’s back just like a backpack which is a good thing. The bad thing is that the blanket is not large enough to cover the student’s entire body. That means if they lay down, a gunman can still get them from the side and children can still die. If they are standing up and trying to run away, an adult gunman would easily overtake the child and step in front to shoot him or her. The head is not covered either, which leaves the child extremely vulnerable. It could be a good idea, although the blanket has not been tested to prove whether it could do more harm than good in a shooting event.

The other issue with the blanket is the exorbitant cost. It would cost $1,000 to place one blanket in a school. Although everyone is all for protecting the children, this is the type of cost that the schools could not possibly afford. Most public schools have already had funding cut for the most basic of items. Who would the cost fall on? Are the only children who would be safe those of the parents who could afford to purchase one of the blankets and forget about all the rest? It seems unlikely. In any case, the blanket needs a little more work and so does the cost.

In the meantime, the media continues in their attempt to cover the gun law debates and have stepped up their reporting. Gun control proponents have asked that the media begin to disclose whether the guns used in crimes were legally obtained or not. They decided to add this information in the shooting of the son of infamous abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia.

The son entered a residence uninvited in order to rob the place. The people who were in residence had a gun in the house and used it to stop the man from harming them. Their actions were not illegal, and the gun used was legally registered. One up for the anti-gun control group. They were able to defend themselves because they had a legally registered gun.

That is not exactly what people were talking about when they asked for this type of information. What we really want to know is how many guns are in the hands of criminals that were legally obtained? Most people against gun control do not believe that the criminals are gaining access to guns legally. Since the above case was in self-defense, it works just as effectively at proving why Americans should have the right to own firearms.

Everyone wants our children to be safe but no one can agree on the method for getting there. What exactly is America going to do to stop the problem? For now, it looks like the answer is to keep on fighting the issue until it is resolved. When will that be? Probably never.

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