Sunday, June 29, 2014

July 4th Excerpt from Danny's Grace- Virgin Sacrifice

Here is a little excerpt from Danny's Grace: Tonight is the night Danny thinks that Carson really needs to move forward in his teenage sex life. Carson isn't quite convinced of that matter. Who will win the battle?

July Fourth is the greatest holiday ever created in the United States. That according to me, the king of fun times. I’m here to tell you that sixteen is a righteous age. I have girls (and their mothers) chasing me through the streets, more party supplies than I can handle, and a customized, cherry red Ferrari. Now it’s time to break Carson’s protective shell.

“Let’s go, Carson. We don’t have all day.”

That isn’t exactly the truth. We have all day and most of the night. I just don’t want to sit here waiting for him to finish his science project discussion with Mr. Ruckenstein. Car was fortunate enough to live next door to the man who invented plaid polyester pants and eyeglass chains. What? Keep up! No, he didn’t really invent them. He looks like the type though. Look at that sad sack.

“Come on, dammit. Just get in the car. Let’s go. Amanda’s perfect golden body, big boobs and perfect ass are waiting to ride your waves down at the beach.”

“Could you be more crude? Why do you always have to embarrass me like that?”

Carson still couldn’t take a joke. He didn’t want to go, but, somehow, he could never pass up a chance to hang out with me. The more famous I get, the more popular he gets. Coincidence? I doubt it. He never complains about it because people are willing to wait on him hand and foot in hopes that they will be able to get closer to me. I don’t think Carson realizes that it works like that. He’s satisfied in believing that he is popular because of his status on the football team. I don't clue him in because I don't want to break his heart.

“Please forgive me Carson. I promise to be nicer next time.”

There would be no laughing at sarcasm today, I see. He better lighten up before we get down to the beach. I’m not in the mood for Mopey Carson.

“Shut up and drive.”

“Party of the century tonight my good friend.”

“You say that every night.”

“Oh, but this is different. Tonight I am on a mission.”

He always knows how to break my heart. Look at that puppy dog look on his face. He’s afraid to ask, but he will anyway. Are you ready?  5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

“What mission?”

“It’s a mission of mercy, really it is.”

“Stop messing with me and spit it out.”

“Tonight, my brother, a virgin will be sacrificed.”

He’s not stupid, weak yes, stupid, not so much.

“Not a chance. I don’t control many things in my life, but this is one area I intend to stand firm on. I will decide when I have sex. I don’t know why you think it is such a big deal anyway. It’s not like I’m telling you that you shouldn’t do it. That’s your business; this is mine.”

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