Monday, June 16, 2014

New excerpt from Danny's Grace: Sometimes little kids keep journals

Danny kept everything inside. Carson wrote to get everything out. Here is what he had to say in this excerpt from Danny's Grace. Enjoy.

October 13, 1967

My mommy bought me this book for school, but I'm going to use it for myself. I've got a lot to say. My name is Carson and I'm in the second grade. My best friend's name is Danny. He's pretty cool. Today he saved my life. This kid, Butch, is always picking on me. Danny beat him up today because Butch was being mean. I don't know why he did it. He probably wouldn't if he knew about me. I have to go. My daddy is home. Later C.

December 26, 1967

Danny is in the hospital. He's hurt bad. His dad is finally gone though. I'm glad he doesn't have to get beat up anymore. I wish my daddy would disappear too. I have to go. I hear Daddy coming up the hall. Later C.

December 27, 1967

Daddy came to my room twice last night. It hurts. I told Danny that he should tell someone about what his dad was doing. I still think that, even if I can’t tell my secret. Mine is different. No one would understand. Not even Danny. My mommy knows. I know she does. I think I heard her crying last night. I have to go. Going to see Danny at the hospital. Later C.

I can't take reading anymore of this stuff. He was just a little kid. He could have told me! He should have told me. Dammit, Carson, I could have helped you get away from that bastard. How long did he keep these things anyway. Hey, pull the one all the way from the back out for me. Yeah, thanks.

July 4, 1976

Had a blast tonight with Danny. Told him goodbye. He didn't get it. Hope he knows I meant what I said. Took a bunch of his pills. He doesn't know it. It will all be over soon. Getting out of here before my father comes in. Railroad bridge is where I’ll find peace. It’s the only place that makes sense to me. Thanks for being my friend, Danny. I love you like a brother. Goodbye C.

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