Friday, July 4, 2014

Danny and the Fourth of July 1976

Danny Rush can never stay out of trouble and the Fourth of July 1976 was no different. He doesn't mind using a couple of girls to help him break Carson of what he views as a nasty non-habit, but he's not pleased when he feels he is being used by one of the girls. Enjoy this snippet of Danny's Grace.

7:00 PM

Carson got his wish. Alright, so he didn’t really wish for it, but look at that stupid grin. I think he might even have a girlfriend now. I tried to fulfill my earlier promise, but she didn’t seem too interested. She looked kind of cute with her hair all fanned out on his stomach like that. Don’t worry, Amber and Amelia are interchangeable, so I found out. Why was I so insistent that Amelia hook up with Carson? Isn’t it obvious? I did a survey with the guys at school. They unanimously voted Amelia the most likely to give it up to Carson.

“I had fun tonight, Danny.”

“That’s good. I aim to please.”

Amber was the one voted most likely to expect a second date. She’s not getting one. As far as Amelia goes, Carson seems pretty happy and probably will try to get a second date out of her. Alright, so it wasn’t really a date. It was more like a Debbie Does meets Mr. Rogers. Carson is in no danger of falling into a long-term trap with Amelia. He might try, but she won’t go for it.

“Make sure you call me sometime. I want to hear all about the tour straight from your mouth. The girls at school will be so jealous of me.”

Can you believe this crap? She’s using me to get more popular in school. What am I? A piece of meat? I don’t think so.

“No, you can’t tell anyone what happened here tonight.”

“Why not?”

“Because it will kill my reputation. My fans think I’m clean. There’s no way I’m letting you mess that up for me.”

“Who cares what your fans think? You’re allowed to have a life aren’t you?”

She couldn’t have possibly been that stupid. I am allowed to have a personal life as long as the fans don’t know about it.

“I care dammit. They pay my bills, hello, is anybody in there?”

“They’re just a bunch of little girls.”

“Little girls whose parents pay money for tickets and albums. Hell, they even pay to meet me. That’s how my family survives, my money, the money I make from my work. Besides, it’s in my contract to keep my reputation clean.”

“Are you serious? In your contract! Why would you sign something stupid like that?”

This is, by far, the dumbest girl I ever met. Why wouldn’t I sign something like that. Pretend to have a clean reputation and get paid millions of dollars or sit on my ass and turn out like my father. Which would you choose?

           “Look, I know you get by on your pretty face, big tits and your daddy’s bank account, but that’s not how it works in my world. I worked too hard and come too far for you to come along and screw it all up. Screw with me, go ahead. I’ll take your reputation down so low you won’t ever get back up.” 

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