Thursday, July 17, 2014

Excerpt from Danny's Grace: "Carson committed suicide." "No he didn't"

Leif Garrett sings Borrowed Time

"Let me spell it out for you. I only ever found five more of those pills. Carson took the others. He had to have or they would have been in the car. He had already being sucking up coke, beer, and some hard liquor all night long. It was bound to kill him. I killed him. It was my fault."

"You're wrong."

What the hell is wrong with her? No, I am not wrong. I was there. I think I know what I am talking about.

"It's your turn to shut up and listen. You didn't kill Carson. Carson committed suicide. He--"

"You are full of shit."

"My turn! He committed suicide."

"I'm sorry, I can't listen to this bullshit. Carson would never intentionally kill himself. He was a hell of a football player. Had everything he wanted. Hell, he even had parents who fell right out of a fifties sitcom. And, to top it off…  to top it off, he was a straight A student. No way! No way in hell he would even consider it. Screw you bitch. Don't ever talk about him like that. Do you hear me? Don't you ever fuckin' talk to me about him committing suicide. Didn't happen. Besides, he would have talked to me about it. He never said a thing, never said a word that anything was wrong."

"No, he wouldn't talk to you about it. Think about it, Danny. Look at me. Danny?! He knew what you already had to deal with. He didn't want to burden you with his problems. He never did."

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