Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Danny tries to reason with himself. Would a God let these things happen?

What would you think if you were me? Seriously? I can't imagine that a God, who is supposed to be all the goody, goody shit, would let those things happen to little kids. Kids like me, Janelle, and Carson. What did we ever do to Him? Nothing. That's what. We were minding our own business and then; BOOM, we're in the middle of this war zone. Only the war zone is in our houses. We can't fix it because we're too little. We can't fix it, so we do the only thing we can. Some of us fight back. Some of us sit there and take it. Some of us quietly wait until the day we have a chance to avenge ourselves. Some of us numb it. Some of us just get past it. Some of us don't make it past the first attack. Whatever it is we do to get through, we either survive by scratching every inch of the way or we give up and die.

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