Monday, August 18, 2014

Suicide is preventable- Nothing is worth your life

Mindy McCready took her own life after her boyfriend committed suicide. She was only 37-years-old and had two children. Her life was troubled for a long time and so was her boyfriend’s. Unfortunately, no one was able to save Mindy from her fate. That occurred in 2013.
Recently, Robin Williams, a well-loved comedian/actor also committed suicide. He was depressed according to family members. It was a tragedy that America could have done without. He was recently diagnosed with Parkinson ’s disease, but that doesn’t explain the full scope of what Robin was going through. Depression often sneaks up on people without explanation. It is a terrible thing to live with, but it is possible to get past it. Robin felt hopeless or maybe didn’t want to go through what he had to face. In any case, he left a deep, empty hole for his family, friends, and fans. It was a great loss to the world.

Unfortunately, these people were unable to seek help before they felt so deep into their depression, they saw no way out. There is a way out though. It is called seeking help and following what the doctors say to do. There is nothing in this world that is worth leaving behind your family and friends when there is so much help available. Depressed people often won’t seek help, especially if there is another disorder that makes them feel that they don’t really need help.

I don’t know the answer to this problem. I know that there would have been no way on earth that I would have thought he would take his own life. He was always the happy guy that put smiles on the faces of millions through the years. He isn’t the first actor that has taken his own life, but he certainly was the most surprising to me.

People who are feeling suicidal or people who know someone who feels suicidal need to make phone calls to seek help. There are many options, but they are different in each state. In the state of Maryland, there are mobile crisis centers that will come to the person and even take them to the hospital if necessary. There are therapists and there is always the emergency room, even if the person hasn’t made the attempt yet. They are there to help and they will. But you have to put forth the effort.
Just remember that your life is worth more than whatever problem you have. The problem will disappear eventually, but not if you are dead. That will only raise more questions. For those of you who think that depression is nothing more than feeling sorry for yourself, I can only say that I hope that you never have to feel what it feels like. Stay strong and stay alive. Click here for the National Hotline for help.

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