Monday, November 16, 2015

Human Empathy for France, Not Political Agenda for the United States

Paris, France, as we all know, was recently under attack by ISIS “fighters”. I use the term fighters loosely because it really could be best described as bullying at the highest level. It is terrorism and anyone who doesn’t see that is as blind as a bat and then some. Just my opinion, but I think most others will agree. My heart, my love, and my empathy go out to the people who lost their lives, who were injured, who were afraid for their lives, and who have suffered in their own hearts because of this malicious behavior by a large group of people who know nothing but hatred.

With that said, there are a few things that should be addressed. The first is that I have avoided political discussions this go around because it is not worth my sanity, time, or energy. People believe what they want to believe and that is the real beauty of freedom. It is difficult to stay out of it when you have all political groups grabbing onto the Paris tragedy (or any other for that matter) to further their own agenda. Just last night I saw a post from a liberal group saying “shame on the NRA” for using the Paris tragedy to further their agenda. I guess they have that about right, because they aren’t doing the same thing by pointing out that the NRA is doing that. And woe be to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, etc., etc., etc. Ugh. I am very surprised that this hasn’t somehow turned into discussion about why we should be pro-life or “pro-choice”. Why not because it’s all still George Bush’s fault anyway.

Then we have the genius who decided that Timothy McVeigh was acting on orders or under the name of Christianity when he decided to make a point to the government about his cause. “He’s a white guy and a Christian but you don’t hear people saying to go after all Christians”. Really? That argument is null and void because McVeigh and his little group of idiots were acting on their own, an isolated incident (horrible, but isolated) that resulted in us killing McVeigh back. Maybe this is one of those instances where you might either check your history books or have actually been alive to remember how horrible it was, why it was, and with what motive it occurred.

The idea that an entire race or religion should be wiped off the face of the earth is absurd, no matter who they are. However, wiping out ISIS as a terrorist group is a smart thing to do. We have gone to war with many nations over the period we call world history. If you all remember, WWII was a pretty big deal. Where on earth would the Jewish people and the sympathizers be were it not for those nations that initially got involved or those that joined later because they (shocker coming up) were attacked while simply sitting on the sidelines. Yeah, that doesn’t work out so well as those in Pearl Harbor found out. So yes, what happened in France is our business, if not from a human standpoint, then from a survival standpoint.

Yes, I am a bleeding heart. Not democrat, not republican, but a person who feels for others who suffer for any reason. My heart bleeds every single time I hear someone broke into an elementary school and starts to shoot up little children. It also bleeds every time someone enters, guns blazing, into a  college, theater, Amish school, and the list goes on. My heart bleeds every single time someone loses their battle with drugs, cancer, and again, the list goes on. My heart even bleeds when it’s freezing cold outside and I know there are people out there who are sleeping in tents and on sidewalks and some of them won’t make it through the night. And I really hate it when someone is hungry because there is NO excuse for that. It’s called caring about your fellow human beings.

As far as I am concerned, and I hope many others are, Paris or any other tragedy even remotely like this is not a ticket to hate. It is not a ticket to point fingers at others who have a differing opinion. It is not a ticket to round up and hang everyone you see that has a face different from the one you have. It is not a ticket for gun lobbying or gun control. Make it a human issue. Make it something that brings us together and stop allowing these political issues to divide us long enough to say “hey, I remember what this feels like, Paris, and I am praying for you and we’ve got your back.” It just makes people feel better to know that people from around the world care what happened and were willing to show it. If you don’t remember, watch the video below to remind you. If you were too young or not born yet when the attacks on the United States took place on 9/11/2001, may you NEVER know that helpless, fearful feeling of hearing the skies grow quiet as the buildings fell loudly.

Support from around the world after the 9/11 attacks on the United States

 There are still people out there screaming how wrong this was or that was about the aftermath of 9/11 and the stupid conspiracy theories that followed. There are people who believe war doesn’t solve anything. They are the people who didn’t pay attention to their history. We were once great enemies with Japan and Germany, to name just two, but during this tragedy, both of the countries stood right behind us. Do you know why? Because of war. War can and does bring eventual peace; you just have to get it right. Don’t kill everyone, just get the ones who matter, even if you have to drive them to suicide because they can’t take the idea of their own evil ideas being used against them. (Yes, I am referring to Hitler on that one. He was really a little guy with charisma and charm. Charmed an entire nation into believing that the extinction of a certain group of people would keep the world pure. Yeah, him, the big chicken shit who could make other people die horrific deaths by the thousands but couldn’t even stand it if he had to stand trial.) Anyway, that is my rant for today. Stay safe and smile as long as you can. You never know when someone is going to come along and try to steal that smile away.

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