Saturday, December 5, 2015

Gun Control Laws: Why are you clogging my timeline?

The safety of our citizens is always of the utmost importance. How do we get that safety? First is our men and women who vow to protect our country and everyone in it. Then there are the police officers who put their lives on the line every single day that they work. Then there are firefighters, ambulance personnel, nurses, doctors, and politicians and special interest groups. Forgot to add Mark Zuckerberg to the list. Did you just hear the needle scrape against the record? Yes, me too. Those last three are the last three that would ever consider your feelings, needs, wants, and opinions. That’s why it is important for us, as citizens of this country to get a grip and stop relying on social networking to discover an answer for issues like gun control and rights.

We are at a stalemate at this very moment. You didn’t change my mind on gun control issues and I didn’t change your mind about the same subject. Anyone who has ever seen my past posts on the subject knows where I stand. It is clear to me that if innocent people had weapons on them, that some of these mass shootings and, let’s get specific here, the shootings in Baltimore wouldn’t have cost so many lives. That may be a stretch as far as Baltimore, but you have to admit that most of those shootings occurred with guns that were illegally. Laws won’t change a single thing. As many have pointed out, drugs are illegal and there are stiff penalties if you are caught with them. As I recall, even small towns are greatly affected by overdoses and zombies, because that is what you become when you take illegal drugs. We won’t get into that subject too much because in this particular case, it is an example about what stiffer laws do, or more to the point, don’t do.

People who own guns legally usually use them for two things. One is for protection against intruders and crazy people who have illegal guns. The second is to hunt for food. Yes, OMG, hunters shoot animals to eat the meat. The meat that you find in the grocery store came from a factory somewhere so that no animal had to die said no smart person ever.

What bugs me more than anything right now is that someone, from my understanding, reported a picture posted by one of my Facebook friends. The photo is of my grandson, who went on his first hunting trip with his father figure. He was holding a fox by the tail and a gun rested against the tree in front of him. My grandson was obviously thrilled about his first hunting trip where he learned many lessons about how to get his own food and will likely use that skill later in life to put food on his family’s table.

To anyone offended by this photo, I am offended as well. I am offended that people truly believe that it is okay to eat meat, but not okay to kill an animal to get it. It offends me that people are offended that my grandson is learning the proper handling of a gun. It offends me that people are offended that, well, it just offends me that so many things offend you.

How about this. You stop calling me names and I won’t start calling you names because of an issue that stirs a great deal of emotions. In this country, it is pretty much against the law for families to seek help for mental disorders because you can’t force anyone to go get help, let alone force them to take their meds, which clearly is not always the smart thing to outlaw. It’s okay to make families have to deal with something that is not only hard to deal with, sometimes it is impossible. Should people with mental disorders be kept from owning guns? I guess that depends on the disorder and the volatility that person is capable of. How do we know when a person is mentally incapable of owning a gun because they have homicidal tendencies? I don’t know, guess we have to wait until they seek help on their own for the problem because families can’t get help unless the mentally incapable unless the mental issues are addressed by the patient.  

Then there are those who look to celebrities for the answers. These celebrities, in many and most cases, claim that they are against the use of guns for anything at all, including hunting for food. People who look to celebrities to back up their theories is, sorry because I said I wouldn’t name call, but the truth is, it is stupid, dumb, idiotic to believe that celebrities do not own guns and do not have bodyguards who have guns in order to protect the celebrity who doesn’t believe in the use of guns. It’s also funny that animal rights activists are often caught in photographs eating meat. You can’t have it both ways.

I can go on and on about this subject. For the record, I do not believe that hunting animals is always a good thing to do. If the animal is killed for food, that is one thing. To kill an animal simply for the sport of it is cruel and unjustified. I do defend those who use their guns wisely and those who go the legal route to obtain their guns. It’s ironic that we discuss how more laws will change the ever growing problem of shootings yet the laws already in place have not prevented even one death. It’s also funny to me, not haha funny, that people do not make note of the number of times those who shoot up these places obtained their guns legally or illegally. I did however note that one single time, the news outlets told us how the guns were obtained. They said that they were obtained legally, yet they didn’t mention that the guns were actually stolen, therefore, the guns were illegally obtained. It’s the factor of duh.

I grew up with guns in the house. My children grew up with guns in the house. My grandchildren are growing up with guns in the house. Every single one has been taught the proper usage of a gun and the rules of even touching a gun in the house or anyone else’s house. I am proud to say that not a single one of us has ever shot another person, gone on a rampage shooting people, or accidentally shot people. How about we teach our children how to respect guns, because if they respect the gun in front of them, they will understand why there are rules about them. How about if we teach our children to value human life, whether we like a person or not, because that should be something that is taught to children from the start. How about we stop relying on politician’s views, special interest views, Facebook, and unfortunately, news media outlets. None of them are reliable sources for real information.

If you are one of those who say that “it’s only a ban on assault rifles”, consider this. Facebook guru Mark Zuckerberg believes that it is okay to start something up on Facebook, such as privacy rights, to add things that invade privacy. When he is legally called on it, he pulls back just a little bit to let people get acclimated to the idea so that later he can add a little more and a little more until people don’t even realize that he has suckered you into believing that you, the user, are getting what you wanted to start with. That’s what he does because he’s making money off of you and it is for his own agenda. Same thing with those who want to take gun rights a little at a time so that people don’t notice until all guns are banned. Get a grip, get real, but most of all, get the facts. The real facts, not facts made up by those with their agenda hidden inside their shirt pockets just waiting to jump out and say “Gotcha!”

That is all I have for you today though I could go on for another hour or so. In the meantime, stop flooding my timeline with rhetoric on both sides because that never solved a single thing, guaranteed and this post probably won’t either.

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