Monday, June 6, 2016

Renewed Sadness and Anger Over Child Abuse

Child abuse occurs every day across the nation and around the world. A report of child abuse happens every ten seconds in the United States alone. 20,000 children have died in the past decade as a direct result of child abuse in the U.S. That is a staggering number of children by any standards.

A little over two years ago, I wrote a book describing, via a group of fictional characters, some of the atrocities that children face every day. The abuses suffered by the characters is said to be unrealistic to some readers; too dark for others. Certainly, it would seem unrealistic to some, to those who have not taken the time to discover what I uncovered while researching the subject matter or to those who were well sheltered against such things. Sadly, it occurs in the exact manner described in Danny’s Grace, save for the vengeance that he, his sister, and a drug dealer get in regards to one or two of the antagonists in the story.

I must say, I wish that no child ever suffered like this. I would love to say that all of what I wrote was fictional and that it truly was unbelievable. It’s good that there are people out there that have such faith in humankind as to believe that no child goes through such a thing, then you hear of someone who has suffered so many parts of the book that it breaks your heart all over again. It makes it all the more real and that is something so horrible that I cannot think about it without getting sick to my stomach.

No parent or other adult has the right to tear away at a child’s heart and soul like that. Knowing that you can look around you and know that one or more of the people in your class, in your workplace, in your neighborhood, has suffered at the hands of a child abuser, it can chill you to the bone. Even I sat in a classroom for years with one person, who eventually read the book and identified with it at levels most people couldn’t understand even if they tried, and I never even knew it until recent years.

It is a reminder of these horrid realities for some that brings me to write this blog about it again today. It DOES occur. It DOES affect the more people around you than you believe. It DOES NOT make sense. It never will. The truth is that it is ignored far too often. Nobody says a thing because they are afraid, unsure, unwilling, to go that extra mile and report what is happening right in front of them.

Imagine the number of children who are abused every day which go unreported. If you really think about it and look up statistics and facts about child abuse, it will feel as if someone kicked you in the back of the knees and knocked you down. Read the book, realize it is reality, think about the consequence an innocent child has to pay if you do not report something that you feel to be even a possible sign of child abuse.

If something happens to that child, it is not only on the abuser; it is also on every single person who did not step in to stop it. Forget about why it happened and concentrate on how we can put a stop to it now and in the future. No one wants to look back and say, “I thought it was happening, but I wasn’t sure, so I did nothing. Now that child is dead.” Chew on that back-fat right now, study it and if you don’t want to read the statistics, read the book so you can understand more about a subject we would rather not face as reality, but we know it’s there none-the-less. It’s just like any other thing in life; you can’t accomplish anything unless you are willing to face your fears, even when they are someone else’s reality. You can purchase Danny's Grace on by clicking here: Danny's Grace

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