Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Oh look, Elkton, Maryland is Trending on Facebook

It just got real... This is the video to see if you want the truth.

I ran to Elkton this morning totally oblivious to the fact that there was a major event unfolding right before me. Even the radio station I was listening to only said that it was an accident. Imagine my surprise when I posted to Facebook for my Elkton people to let me know they were all right only to find out it was a shootout at a local motel. Maybe I shouldn’t have been shocked. Elkton isn’t exactly the same small town that it once was; I was surprised anyway.

First, know that there were rumors flying all over Facebook about this. One was that there was a robbery gone bad, another that there were police officers shot, some say wounded, others say dead. Other rumors say that the suspects were shot and injured while others said they were dead. Some said there was a third person and some even said there was a fourth person who escaped and was running around Elkton. Let’s not forget the major hostage situation either. Social Media is the thing nightmares are made of, my friends.

The reality is that two suspects from Dover, DE were wanted in connection with crimes in Delaware. They had a laundry list of charges that they were facing upon arrest. I will post the list below which is copied from a Delaware paper. Maryland officials were working in conjunction with Delaware officials to apprehend the pair. When officers arrived on the scene of the motel with a warrant, they identified themselves and one of the suspects came out of the room pointing what appeared to be a weapon at the officers. Officers opened fire on the male suspect. Repeat the same actions with the female suspect. They are both dead. None of the officers were injured.

Enter the court of public opinion. News media already trying to find out if there were body cams before officials were able to complete the investigation at the scene. Live recordings from people all around the site were going wild all over Facebook, including one where we could hear the gunfire, but the camera not facing the actual scene, and one video that showed the whole thing unfold (thank God for that because now people can stop whining about why police took this action) and plenty of people saying this is typical Cecil County behavior. You have to love that, especially if you are from Cecil County.

Granted, we have our problems. We have our drug addicts, our homeless, our thieves, and yes, the occasional murderer. What we don’t usually have is our criminals trying to act all big and bad with police officers like “Yeah, well, I’m going to stick this in your face, whatcha gonna do ‘bout it?” because, quite frankly, our criminals, even the violent ones, don’t really want to die themselves. They much prefer three hots and a cot.

Unfortunately, Cecil County, specifically, Elkton, has become a vortex for people travelling from various cities along the east coast. We are an easy drop-off point. A place that used to be a little unassuming. Newsflash all who want to come here to hide out in the future, it is no longer unassuming. This is the first place they look. You might as well just walk into the police station as to come here to hide ‘cause we gonna get you. STAY AWAY!!

Here are a few things to note, all you who are down on Elkton/Cecil County… Mom’s in the city when their outlaw kids get dead from stupidity: “Oh no you didn’t. That’s my baby. Why you kill my baby. Them police done kilt my baby.” Cecil County Mom when their outlaw kid get dead from stupidity: Yelling at a dead corpse: “I told your dumb ass to go turn yourself in. No good is going to come from you running yourself around the countryside trying to pretend like you can hide from the police. You can hide for a little while, but I done told you, they gonna catch you sooner or later. You just couldn’t listen to me, could you. Just had to do it your way.” Sorry, but it’s true.

Go on and brand me a racist, an uncaring this or that. Unkind, hateful, bitter, whatever. I’m not talking black or white. I’m talking city and town. Maybe I am bitter. Maybe I am bitter that people like the two who were killed today have been supplying drugs to people for Lord knows how long and maybe they were responsible for Lord knows how many deaths as a result. Maybe I am bitter because my grandkids have to grow up in a world where parents are more concerned about getting gunfire video than they are about getting their kids to safety (not rocket science).

The point is, these people weren’t from Elkton. They weren’t from Cecil County. Hell, they weren’t even from Maryland. At least one person got clear shots of the man and woman coming out of the room and pulling out these guns and firing off at officers before officers fired. The male suspect did his little “whatcha gonna do” dance, then they showed him what they were going to do.

This is more a rant than anything else. See below for the long list of charges against these two felony fugitives. Stay safe and thank you to all law enforcement officials who were involved today. Glad you all get to go home safe and sound to your families.

Brandon Jones, 25, and Chelsea M. Porter, 25, both of Dover, are wanted on the following charges: four counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, possession with intent to deliver heroin, possession of heroin, possession with intent to deliver marijuana, three counts of possession of a deadly weapon by a person prohibited, receiving a stolen firearm, conspiracy, possession of marijuana other than personal use quantity and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to Master Cpl. Gary Fournier, a Delaware State Police spokesman.

Additionally, Jones is wanted in connection with a reckless endangering incident that occurred on Tuesday in the 700 block of Dinahs Corner Road in Dover, Fournier said.

Police say Jones fired one round from a handgun into the air after he threatened to shoot a 44-year-old victim. Detectives conducted a search warrant on Thursday at Jones’ home in the 100 block of Stardust Drive in Dover, Fournier said.

Police located and seized 2094 bags (31.41 grams) of heroin, 1,020 grams of marijuana, a .38 caliber revolver, a 6.35 caliber pistol, a .22 caliber rifle, and a .357 caliber revolver that was reported stolen back in July 2016 out of Queen Anne’s County, Maryland, Fournier said.

More than $2,700 in suspected drug proceeds was also seized, Fournier said. Jones and Porter, his girlfriend, were not at the house during the search warrant.

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