Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Presidential Election Ridiculousness

I swore, with everything in me, that I would not jump into conversations about the election this time around. The problem with that is that I see some of the craziest notions floating around out there, and I cannot help myself. First of all, you should know that I choose not to vote for either of the two major candidates. I think they are both deplorable human beings with very few redeemable qualities. I, just as others should, am voting my conscience, not the lesser of two evils. There is no a lesser of two evils in this campaign. They are equally horrible choices. I choose to vote, just not for these two losers. FYI- This is an op-ed article.

This is the worst campaign that the United States has ever seen. The mudslinging is at an all-time high; with Hillary guilty of allowing tweet after tweet on Twitter that have nothing to do with the campaign. I know because I have gone to both her and Trump’s pages to see what they have to say. Like it or not, many people do base their decisions on the social media hype that people put out there. In this case, Trump is less guilty of mudslinging towards Hillary; however, he still does it.

Social websites (Twitter and Facebook, to be exact), are great influences on people. Just ask the thousands of people who have unfriended others because of arguments over which candidate has the worst reputation. The name-calling, the threats, the downright childish behavior of people who are normally very intelligent, has gone too far. How about you stop that and get on with life. No one’s opinion is going to change because you called them a dumb b, a d-head, a Nazi, Charlie Manson, baby killer, or racist. It doesn’t work that way. Be civil, be the intelligent, well-articulated person that we all know you can be.

Hillary also puts out nothing but negative advertisements on television, where I have not seen that from Trump at all. It doesn’t mean it’s not there, but I definitely see Hillary ads and they are all basically the same. Nothing to do with the issues facing America, just mudslinging. Why do that if you can stand on your own merit. It’s deflection at is best, or worst, depending on who you are. It’s all subjective.

Pursed lips? Someone just asked her a question she doesn't want to answer. America is great because it is good... What??

Why I won’t vote for Hillary:

Hillary is a liar—She claims one thing, then does another. She didn’t smirk when Benghazi was brought up at the debates, because though she said it wasn’t her fault when it all happened, she then said let’s not look at why it happened, but look at how we can change it the next time. What does it matter now? It matters to the family and friends of four dead Americans who Hillary decided not to take action in order to protect. Let’s not forget the infamous “I’m not sitting here-- some little woman standing by her man like Tammy Wynette”, yet she was sitting there, right next to Bill and is still sitting there right next to Bill. That leads me to the next reason not to vote for Hillary.

A win for Hillary means that Bill will, in fact, live in the White House—People say that how they handle their marriage has nothing to do with it and is no one’s business. These are the same people who continually bring up the fact that Donald Trump has been married and divorced more times than there have been sunrises since the beginning of time. If Trump’s divorces are fair game, then so is the Clinton marriage. It is relevant because putting Bill anywhere near the White House again is akin to putting him in a room alone with a sexy woman under a desk. According to some speculation, Hillary would never allow that to happen. She’s going to keep him in line. What makes you think so? Is it because she was so successful at keeping him in check the first time around? The First Lady, not sure what we call Bill if Hillary is elected, plays an important role in the White House. They are representatives of the United States as much as the president is. If you don’t believe it, watch videos of President Kennedy as he tells a room full of people that, basically, more people wanted to see Mrs. Kennedy than they wanted to see him. You might even ask Hillary herself how important that role is, she was, after all, First Lady at one time.

Classified Information—A host of emails on Hillary’s server are completely forgotten by her supporters. Here is why it is important to note these actions by Hillary. She lied about it, for one thing. She said that she only talked about Chelsea’s wedding in those emails. That is not, in fact, what happened. She sent thousands upon thousands of highly classified emails out over her personal server. Why is that important? It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. It shows her willful disregard for the safety of this country. It shows her inability to keep classified information just that, classified. Her willingness to ignore a basic protocol in order to keep this country, it’s people and it’s representatives, safe and sound. Roll those eyes all you want and pretend it doesn’t matter, but it matters more than you care to admit.

There are many other reasons that I would never consider voting for Hillary, but these are her major “flaws”, but they are enough to cause great harm to this country, and I just can’t go there. After all, each president we elect leaves a mark on the world that my grandchildren have to live with long after I am gone.

Most creative comb-over ever! Let's make America great again... 

Next! Reasons I would never vote for Donald Trump:

Extreme narcissistic behavior: Everything is about Trump. I have heard him use the word “I” far too many times. This election isn’t about Trump, it is about the American people and their needs, safety and freedom. No time to worry about what is right for Trump when, again, this is the world in which we leave to our grandchildren. They must live in it long after we are gone.

Extreme sexism: I would say misogynist, but it’s like an overplayed record and, quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing it. He sees women as beneath him, literally. He doesn’t give a rats behind about all Americans. Trump is in it for Trump. He’s not in it for you, for me, for our grandbabies. I don’t want this man as a role model for my grandson. Role models are too important. I wouldn’t encourage him to hang out with hookers, so why would I subject him to listening to a president who has no respect for women? And why on earth, would I vote for a man who is likely to shame my granddaughter, because she is a girl who will someday soon become a woman, and her self-worth should NEVER, EVER be called into question because some idiot with a passion for degrading women is president.

His hair: Okay, that’s not a thing. I just don’t like his hair. I can’t imagine anyone could take someone with troll doll hair seriously.  Forgive me, but I had to get a little humor in this piece.

All of these points are valid and real. They ARE a thing. Neither of these candidates are worthy of one single vote, and they won’t get mine. I will vote, that’s for sure. I just refuse to vote for two people like this republican and this democrat. Let me know when Larry Hogan runs. He is the current Governor of Maryland and his stance on the state is that it is for the people. That’s when I might see fit to vote for either of these parties again. Most citizens of Maryland are likely to agree after having endured the “tax it until they have no money in their paychecks” Martin O’Malley.

The long and short of it is that you can’t say Donald’s marriages (past and present) have everything to do with his ability to run the country and then say Hillary’s marriage doesn’t count because it was a long time ago. That goes for anything in the campaign. You can’t require one to have a certain set of standards and not expect it of the other.

It is your choice who to vote for. It would be greatly appreciated if people would stop social networking childish memes, irrelevant points, and rude behavior over things, that in the end, will not change a single person’s mind. These things can, however; destroy friendships and cause unjustifiable anger and stress. Go back to your corners and rethink your approach to others. As for me, I will unfollow (not unfriend, because that’s just stupid), those who choose to continually batter the candidates and those who disagree with them. Once the election is over, I will start to follow those who I unfollowed. I have had enough. I implore you to vote your conscience, not the lesser of two evils.

 Back then they thought there was mudslinging. Yeah, that was nothing compared to today.

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