Friday, November 11, 2016

Open Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump

Our Incoming First Family

Dear President-Elect Donald Trump,

First, I would like to congratulate on your win and I look forward to seeing how you handle your position. I look forward to seeing where this presidency takes us as a country. What we need from you now is for to prove that you are truly a winner. You have spent your entire life winning even when you were knocked down. We expect the same from you as the highest office holder in the United States and, perhaps the world. The ultimate win for you and us is not getting into the presidency, but being named the best president to have ever taken the oath of office. This is where we need you to prove that you want to win no matter what crazy is out there trying to stop you.

I suppose those who protest your win think they are doing right. I am not sure how they think that, but there you go. A suggestion from the saner of Americans is to rise above them and stay true to yourself. That has never been your problem considering you never apologize, even when everyone else thinks you are wrong. That is probably one of the reasons you were elected. No matter how appalling some people think your speech is, the fact is, you were honest about it and you didn’t try to cover it up. That is not something they could say about the other candidate who has proven she will lie to cover her butt. We expect better from you. We expect you to tell us the truth even when the truth hurts. Don’t turn into one of them, that is one of the reasons you were elected, because you weren’t one of them.

The protesters and rioters are not representative of most of the nation and definitely not all democrats. One of the reasons Hillary lost is because many dems felt they couldn’t vote for her so they either voted for you or they voted for a third party. The idea that all democrats are with this so-called movement is inaccurate to say the least. I know many democrats and they all work hard, cherish the rights they have, and respect the election process. My grandmother always respected whoever was in office no matter if she disagreed with them because it was our duty to let the world see a united front. My mother has carried on that torch and respects the rights of everyone, not just her own.

The true embarrassment of this country right now is that so many people are showing disrespect for the election process and to the president-elect. Many registered democrats are jumping ship because they do not want to be associated with riotous behavior of a minority in that group. The behavior is appalling and anyone associated with or even condones it should be ashamed of themselves. It is a reflection of them, not of you or anyone who denounces it.

There is a great deal of difficult work for you to do, and by all appearances, you have already begun to work on it. One of the most important feats is to restore the feeling to American’s that there are far greater benefits of working than there are to collecting government funds. People want to go to work and feel like more productive members of society. The problem is that they are rewarded far more for inactivity and that instills fear of lost security. There are some of us who have a greater fear of what will continue to happen to our working pride and ethics if the country were to remain in it’s current stagnant environment.

You have a beautiful, well educated, family that has work ethics out the yin yang. We, the collective voice, welcome you to the White House in January. It will be an interesting four years, we are certain of that. You have certainly shaken up the system! Don’t feel so upset about unfair situations. People will treat you unfairly, especially now. That is how people see the world now. Life is not always fair. The most important thing is that you won fair and square. In January, you will represent all of America and you should see that as a fair result of a fair fight.

Thank you for not gloating on your win and for being so gracious to Hillary Clinton in your speech. That was a very classy acceptance speech and that is what makes me believe that you will be a fair and just president. I wasn’t so sure about that just two weeks ago, but I feel better now.  

I have never bothered to watch the elections of other countries. The fact that so many countries around the world were watching ours shows exactly how influential our power really is. Please let us show them that the only time they need fear us is if they threaten the well-being of our citizens. Truly Christian prayers go out to you and your family as you take on this most important position. “And hey, let’s be careful out there.”

Dawn Hawkins

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