Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Verbally Abusive Presidential Campaign

Oh, this election campaign has been one of the worst in history. The United States is more divided than it was in the sixties, and it’s been going that way for the past eight years. It doesn’t matter who I voted for or who you voted for, the fact remains that Trump is the president elect. You can’t change it by denying that he is your president, you can’t change it by rioting and protesting. That is not the way it works. The way it works is that you vote and hope your side wins, if it doesn’t, you move on to the next phase and determine what is best for the United States. If you believe our best is to continue the divisive behavior, then by all means, go for it. If not, then let’s figure out a way to make it work.

I have seen people wondering what to tell their children about who won. Here is what you tell your children. You tell them that in the United States, we have candidates to choose from and that we choose sides based on what we believe. You tell them that others may not agree with them about what they believe, but they should respect the other person’s opinion about it. You tell them that although it may not have gone the way some people thought it should go, democracy worked the way it was supposed to. You tell them you love them and cherish them.

If you don’t tell your children those things, ask yourself this. What would you tell your children about why abortion is okay or even explain how it works? How would you explain to them lying for them is not okay, but it’s okay for someone in office to do nothing but lie (if you voted Hillary). What you really tell your children is that they have nothing to worry about. This is an adult thing, not a burden little children should have to worry about. I spent the better part of my childhood wondering when the nuclear war was going to happen because adults believed it would. It didn’t happen then and I seriously doubt it will happen now. Don’t alarm your kids about things they shouldn’t have to worry about needlessly.

Why did America vote the way it did? It’s a pretty easy thing to sum up. A huge portion of the population have stayed in the confines of their homes on election day. Those same people have been ignored as inconsequential to election outcomes. They may be white women and men, Christians, gun owners, and the list goes on. Don’t blame anyone for this. It just shows how divided we have become as a nation. Everyone, probably even Trump, believed that Hillary was a shoe in. Then when the numbers started rolling in, people were somehow shocked that we were so divided and the race was so close.

I have heard all kinds of innuendo about how so many people voted for hate, etc this morning. I have heard democrats still name-calling and don’t even get me started on California. Newsflash: NO ONE voted against gay people, black people, Hispanics, women’s rights. People voted for the possibility of a more stable government, for the right to life, for gun rights, for jobs returning to the United States, and a host of other issues. Everyone has the right to their opinion and to their vote.

At the end of the day, you can whine, shout, cry, and stomp your feet all day long. That won’t change the outcome and no matter how often you say #NotMyPresident, he is going to be THE president. So hissy fit for now, but I hope that the country does come together better by the end of this four-year term. Tired of the spewed hatred among both parties. It is the most verbally abusive campaign of our history, let it go and show your children what it really means to be strong, independent thinkers who need to know that their vote will count when it is their turn. #EndOfRant

I am Dawn Hawkins and I approved this rant.

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