Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why Trump Won (Yes, he actually won)

Mainstream Media- They focused more on Donald Trump’s words and actions before he was in office than what Hillary did (and didn’t) do while she was already in public service. People won’t soon forget how biased mainstream media has been. I would call it mainstream news, but news would suggest that it was unbiased and we haven’t seen much of that lately, have we? And let’s not forget about the polls that were so far off it isn’t even funny.

All of America- He concentrated on all of America instead of rallying around a few groups that could get him elected. Hillary, it was a nice try, but just because you think that one group of people’s votes count while all others don’t was a very bad move.

Deplorable and hatred of Christians- While liberals are good with diversity; it only counts if you believe as they do. Clinton polarized these groups and as she did, so did those who believe in diversity. This is not something new. Downing Christians, among others is not the way to garner votes from them. All votes count as this election clearly shows.

Bigheaded celebrities- While we enjoy watching you on television, in the movies and listening to your music, I think a lesson could have been learned with the Dixie Chicks. We don’t want your opinion of how we should vote. We don’t care what you think. You live in a fantasy world with your big houses and no sense or remembrance of what it was like to struggle in real life. Your agenda does not matter one wit.

Supreme Court Justices- (and this is a biggie) Like it or not, there are far more people in various parts of the country that took this very seriously. The Trump choice was the smart and only choice for any pro-lifer and second amendment citizen. There are a lot more of them than Hillary or her supporters believed. Again, she polarized a vast number of people in the United States.

Smugness- Clinton and her supporters were so smug about her win that many didn’t get out and vote. They figured it was a sure thing and so they let the vote ride. This is where the “your vote counts” comes in. If you didn’t vote, you either didn’t because you figured she was a shoe in, you really didn’t back any of the candidates or you just didn’t give a flying monkey about the election or its outcome. In any case, that could have well cost Hillary the presidency. You can include the media smugness, proclaiming Hillary was going to be the winner.

She counted on the woman card- Yes, it will be a wonderful day in history when a woman gets a seat as president in the United States. Yes, it will be a historic day. No, the choice should have never been Hillary Clinton. She was, very obviously, too big for her britches. She, as many Americans believe, got away with far too much, so for democrats to choose her simply because it could mean a huge win for them because she is a woman is ridiculous. It is her policies and her past performance as a public servant that people looked at, not her gender.

History- Since my birth in 1963, when John F. Kennedy was president, the usual round of presidents goes something like this, Democrat, democrat (because JFK was assassinated) Republican, republican (because Nixon stepped down), democrat, republican, republican (simply because that is how people voted), It should also be noted that the first republican in that succession was an actor who was not a political figure, democrat, republican, democrat. It’s a nice balance between the two and should tell you that this was a really bad year to expect a democratic win.

Weakness- Not weakness because Hillary was a woman, but because for the past eight years, policies in the country are geared more towards pandering to other countries rather than concentration on what is important to Americans. We are so busy kowtowing to other countries, for instance, illegal immigration, releasing many known terrorists in exchange for one American soldier who basically defected, apologizing because we might not have been very nice to a country that has harmed us, and the list goes on. A vast number of Americans believe that we look much weaker to the rest of the world than we have been in our history. We cannot afford to look weak and to be honest, at this moment; other countries are cowering a little bit because of this election. As it should be according to many Trump voters. When we look weak to other countries, we are vulnerable to them as well. Simple math.

Immigration- We have been weak on illegal immigration (I refuse to call it undocumented. That’s a nice way to sugar-coat it though) since Obama took office. Clinton promised more of the same. The only legal immigrants who were afraid of a Trump win were those who were manipulated by Clinton herself. She made it sound as though Trump wanted to deport anyone who immigrated here regardless of whether they were legal or illegal. Here’s the thing, Trump never once said that. It was propaganda that backfired on Clinton. Trump wants to be fair to the millions of immigrants who have been basically waiting in line to get here legally. He wants to be fair to American workers and the list goes on. He never once laid out any intention whatsoever that he was going to mass deport anyone who lives here legally. The propaganda worked until it didn’t.

Forgotten Populace- One of the main things that won it for Trump is that there were so many people in so many states that felt forgotten by the democrats. Whether they were farmers or people who simply didn’t matter to the previous administration or the candidate they supported. Democratic runners believed they would win on the same old subjects. The fact is that is what lost them the presidency this time around.

Obamacare (ACA)- It was disastrous. Now, I won’t say it was disastrous for all. It actually helped some people. The skyrocketing cost of healthcare, the inability to stay with previous plans (even though it was promised they would), the inability to go to a doctor of choice, fines for people who probably couldn’t afford the healthcare in the first place, and the list goes on, it just didn’t pan out. It was a huge disaster and people didn’t want it just changed, they wanted it to go away with a better plan put in its place.

Big Government- Should we say humongous government instead? The federal government should have its nose in certain things. It should also stay out of a lot of things. Federal government has their nose in everything these days. Everything is regulated. Well, not everything, the number of times we use the bathroom hasn’t been regulated, but that’s about all.

Trump seems more like us- Ironic that a one-percenter could make people feel that way, but there you go. Trump doesn’t come from government, he comes from the general public. He seems more real and more in touch with us than the people who should be are. Now, isn’t that a crying shame? A one-percenter knew how to more closely relate to the public than the people who have been representing them for years.

And then there is this---- Many of the likely voters who didn’t vote chose not to because they couldn’t support any of the candidates, but most of them come from the democratic party who would have likely voted for Hillary had they gone to the polls. Then there were the democrats who chose the Republican Party because a Trump was better than a Clinton. What does that say about Clinton? It says a lot. Sometimes silence speaks volumes.

Final thought: Clinton supporters (in all fairness, not Clinton herself) are calling for the electoral college in every state to vote Clinton instead of Trump because Clinton won the popular vote. Here’s the thing, that’s dumb. Would they be calling for it if it had been Hillary who won? Of course not. They wouldn’t want their votes discounted because we didn’t agree with them. To the people who say the electoral college was not so that each state got representation, but to keep it from mob rule, yeah, no. Listen, although that may be the wording, you aren’t thinking clearly. A mob is not like Sopranos kind of mob. The definition of mob is a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence. I really hate when someone says that they hate when someone gets the reason for the electoral college wrong because these are the same people that should take a course in proper definition, it’s a thing.

Hillary lost because she and her supporters discounted far too many people in far too many states. That is the bottom line. Time to take your signs home, especially those who couldn’t be bothered to vote. It matters not that you are acting so childish. It changes zero things. Go home and think of a productive way to keep your voice heard. A way that will matter four years from now.

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