Monday, December 19, 2016

Pesky Electoral Vote

I am thankful that this election nonsense is over and we can move on to the next hurdle. That next hurdle is the inauguration, when I am sure all the Trump haters will come out full force to once again protest. It has been interesting to see all of the creative ways that people can come up with to stop this presidency from happening.

First, we had the recount “effort”. It was never going to change a thing, yet Jill Stein was able to con thousands of people into giving money to her in hopes that it would make Hillary president. Those efforts resoundingly failed, but Stein is not planning on giving the money back. She is; however allowing donors to vote for which thing they would like the money to go to. She said that it wasn’t about trying to help one candidate over the other. It was about election integrity. Today, after the electoral vote, Stein begins to blast the Electoral College on her Twitter account. She wasn’t for or against either candidate though. Right?

Next on the list is the vast number of petitions floating around the internet imploring electors to vote against Trump. The petitions were accompanied by their good buddy, the “open letter” to the electoral college, to convince them not to vote for Trump. That does not top the number of electors who received death threats and/or physical harm if they voted for Trump. Sadly enough, these threats caused the need for armed security to accompany electors as they entered to cast their votes. Just ask the electors in Pennsylvania.

Keep in mind that I have not mentioned the Russian hack stories. We don’t need to go down that road because it was another way to try to put off the final vote on the presidential election. As you all probably know, some democrats attempted to get the vote put off until they have had a chance to be briefed on what actually happened with the Russians.

On Monday, December 19, 2016, the Electoral College did what it was supposed to do. It represented the state’s votes even with the threats they have faced. These people are the ones I would want on my side in any fight because they didn’t knuckle under when the screws were put to them.

On another note, it should be noted that in Washington, four of the electors went rogue. Oddly enough, Washington constituents voted for Hillary Clinton.  Three votes went to Colin Powell and the other vote went to Spotted Eagle, a Native American tribe leader. If the job of the “please vote our way, because if you don’t we’ll kill you” people was to have electors flip their vote, you have accomplished your mission. I suppose you are not happy that the votes flipped against Clinton rather than against Trump.

The blame game didn’t and still hasn’t helped in regards to finger pointing the people who chose to vote for a third party candidate or who left the presidential slot blank. This speaks volumes about the candidate. She was just the worst choice, according to most states in the America.

What I take away from this whole thing is that when you threaten and harass people to get your way, it is likely to turn out exactly the way you don’t want it to. If you want one side to flip their vote, you can’t be all that surprised to find out that your people flipped. Threats and harassment didn’t work in this case and they should not. You cannot strong arm people into believing what you believe. You cannot fight against the very “democracy” (we are not a pure democracy, just for the record) that you so adamantly scream that you are for.

I have to wonder at what point you will realize that there is a legitimate reason that Hillary Clinton lost. When will you realize that there was something very broken about the democratic choice for their candidate? We should stop the blame game, the threats, the outlandish accusations, and the reprehensible behavior that has become the Democratic Party. We should start wondering what actually happened and why it happened in order to change it come the next election.

The dirt flew from the democratic party during election season. There was literally no discussion on the issues facing our nation, but rather a mud-sling fest against Donald Trump. All you have to do is think about all the negative ads throughout the campaign to see proof of that. Face the reality that something went terribly wrong on the democrat side, because until you do, no one will do anything to change it the next time around.

While finger pointing, name-calling, threatening, and despicable behavior might seem the right thing to do (although I can’t grasp the idea that anyone would feel it was right), there couldn’t be anything more wrong with it. Figure out what went wrong and fix it! Consider what has happened, a sea of states chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton (I know, I know, she won the popular vote, still doesn’t count). Consider why a handful of electors who should have chosen Hillary decided to vote against her. Think hard about it because the continual blame game will cost you the next election as well.

It would have been wonderful to have gotten excited about at least one of the candidates in this election. We didn’t get that. We got Trump and Clinton. I’m not telling or asking you to get behind soon-to-be President Donald Trump. Your choice to fight him all the way is yours, but it won’t change the fact that he’s president. It will only continue to further divide the country. It will only serve to fan the flames. I wouldn’t ask you to change that at all. You might look foolish in the end, but that’s okay, we are allowed our freedom of speech, the right to protest, etc. So go right ahead and fight against this presidency. It seems to me that the more you fight it, the more things go right for Trump. Choice is yours though.

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