Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jill Stein's Recount Debacle

The election of Donald Trump gave me inspiration to change the theme of a long running blog. Has the election and the repercussions been entertaining, as so many people believe? Not to me. To me it has been a very eye-opening experience. I wasn’t a Trump or Hillary supporter. My various reasons for that are laid out in a pre-election blog posting about this very subject.

When Donald Trump actually became president-elect, I said, “Okay, I’ll roll with it because the alternative was just as bad as, if not worse than him.” Little did I know how unsportsman-like (for lack of a better term), Hillary supporters truly are. That is when I realized how truly embarrassing it was to be a registered democrat.

There is so much material to draw from already on the subject of Donald Trump. We could start with the reactions from Hillary supporters upon realizing that she did not “shatter the glass ceiling”. Unfortunately, they didn’t, and still do not see, that she was never going to shatter that glass ceiling. She was a poor choice, the wrong choice for the first female president. Had the democrats chosen a different candidate, they might have at least had a chance to win. Please don’t use that overkill statement about the popular vote again. We get it, we got it, move on.

Why don’t we move on to Jill Stein? This was the Green Party’s choice of candidates. Let’s forget (sometimes I am a little passive-aggressive), that Jill decided it was a good idea to spray paint (yes, the green candidate does not have a problem with spray paint) someone else’s property. Yes, that’s called malicious destruction of property. Let’s also forget the fact that she is attempting to get President Obama to free prisonerswho were convicted of killing law enforcement officers. Those two things have no bearing on the recount “efforts” though.

Let’s say, for arguments sake, that she really did this for election integrity. She put up a donation page with a goal of $2.5 million. The goal was easily reached, no doubt from Hillary supporters who were hopeful (an insane idea at best) that it would overturn the election results. She quickly raised the goal to $4.5 million because we definitely need more money than that original goal. Not long after that, she raised it to a whopping $7.5 million. You heard that right. She wanted $7.5 million so that she could pay attorney fees, administrative costs, and to pay for the actual cost of the recount (minus the millions of dollars it would have cost the taxpayers of a bankrupt state in which one city needs clean water). Oh, and let’s not forget that she had to pay for volunteers as well… Wait, what?

What did this recount gain? According to Jill, it exposed widespread voter fraud. (No, it didn’t, but we’ll trust Jill on that one) It netted more votes for Trump than previously counted, and a lot of time and efforts of the staff that actually had to do the recount in some places, the time of judges in several rounds of court action, and that’s about all. All of that only to dash the hopeful dreams of illusioned Hillary supporters.

 Jill should have taken a page from the Al Gore book of recount flops. Jill had nothing at all to gain from doing what she did. Well, except a few million dollars. People who voted for this woman turned on her because of this, but that’s okay, we learned what we already knew and that made it all worth it. 

Jill was Twitter blasted up one side and down the other by people from all walks of life. She was blasted by Trump supporters, by her own supporters, by Hillary supporters, by other political figures, and most notably, by the Green Party that she supposedly represents. It was the first time since the election that all of these people came together in unity on a subject. It was only the few Hillary hopeful stragglers who supported this effort by Stein to stall the election results. Oh wait, there was one more thing it accomplished, Detroit. Apparently, Detroit’s voting machine magically showed up to 37% more votes than there were voters. Now, with that said, Hillary Clinton suspiciously got 95% of the vote in that city. So, whoops, there goes her smashing victory in that city. I, along with many others, asked the question as to why recounts were not sought for California. Seriously, something smells awfully fishy there. The Russians did it, right? They had to have, right? Because they interfered in the election and tried to sway the outcome of our election. Can you guess what my next blog might be about?

For now, I am going to sign out. Just a little side-note, these are my opinions except where I added link sources for the information that I spoke of as fact. Where I once thought that Trump would fail miserably in his tenure as president, I now root for his smashing success and a second-term. I want America to succeed, so to hope for anything less is a disservice and downright unpatriotic. I love my country. Now I will fade back into my corner until next time and thank the good Lord that Jill Stein is most definitely a thing of the past. 

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