Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dear Women's March: You don't represent us all

Dear Women’s March,

I appreciate the fact that you lumped all women together in your march. Really, I do. There is only one problem. I don’t agree with you, and there are good reasons why. We don’t have a real dialogue going on here. What we have is a bunch of women who are marching and no one seems to be able to nail down what the march is about. This includes those in other countries who “marched in solidarity” with you. It is shocking to me that the same people who laud those in other countries agreeing with them, they tell those who disagree with them they have no say because they are in other countries. This is one of the reasons that you don’t speak for me.

It was nice to see Gloria Steinem renewing her interest in headlines. She crawls in her hole for decades and then peeks out when she sees an opportunity to strike. Yes, it’s nice to get a visit from a woman who promoted the purely disgusting attitude that women can be anything they want, unless of course, some women choose to stay home and raise their children. Hypocrisy at it’s best.

It was also enjoyable to hear that Madonna wants to blow up the White House because Trump is supposedly anti-woman. By all means, go for it. You want to blow up the White House, that’s your problem, not mine. Don’t reflect that kind of hate on me, as a woman who does NOT promote that kind of hatred towards another human being. She has been trying to crawl out of her washed up hole for years and failed. Now she decides to get out there and promote violence. It’s her new 15 minutes of fame.

How about that Ashely Judd though? She believes along with these crowds, that Donald Trump is the new Adolph Hitler. You, Judd, are nobody. You spit in the face of the Jewish community who lived through the Hitler era. You also spit in the face of the millions of Jewish families who are in the United States because their ancestors truly did need a safe place to live.

While I find it admirable that people are willing to show solidarity for their beliefs and are able to because that’s just the kind of country we live in, it is also appalling that you speak this untruth. The truth is, there are millions of women in the United States who feel the opposite of your views. They weren’t welcome to your “march”. Women who are pro-life, as well as many other opposite views to yours were snubbed from the event. You do not speak for ALL women. You speak for yourselves.

You put little girls, little girls out with signs about a woman’s right to an abortion. I would lay bets that the parents of these children didn’t even know what an abortion entails. I find that appalling and you don’t speak for me.

The women I admire are those like my grandmother who raised seven children without excuses as to why she should ever give up. My mother, oh, how I admire my mother who literally worked her fingers to the bone to raise her two children. My mother who’s will and strength got us through the hardest of times. My daughter who went through so many trials in her life, not brought on by herself, but at the hands of others, fought back and won. A woman who has worked since she was 14 because she wanted to have the extra things. My daughter who, while pregnant, worked until she physically couldn’t anymore, because she wanted to make sure her children were well taken care of. My daughter who probably cried a lot after their house burned down, but held it back so many times because she wanted to be strong for her children. My daughter who at times struggled, but always came out on top. She’s a woman, she’s a strong woman, she is her own self, she made things happen for herself and her children. She never sacrificed her family relationships, her friendships or the men in her life to get what she wanted and/or needed. Yes, I admire her so much that she doesn’t even know. These are proud women who DID things to make their world better. They didn’t talk about it, they just did it.

I’ve heard so many different versions of what this march was supposed to be about. I’ve heard that it isn’t about Donald Trump, yet that’s all we on the other side heard. We heard that it’s about reproductive rights, we’ve heard that it’s about the environment (really, that argument is out the window when you trash the city streets with garbage), we’ve heard that it’s about women all around the world who are raped, murdered, and treated like things. We’ve heard that it is about women in this country who fear, not actually lost, but feared loss of their rights. These are all the things we heard, but for all the marching that was done around the world on behalf of all the women in the United States, the “messages” were lost completely. It was lost in the name-calling, the violence that occurred the night before, the constant bashing of President Trump (I know you hate hearing those two words in the same sentence, but it is a fact), the vagina heads and the foul language. Those are the things that were heard.

Do not dare to presume that you speak for all the women in the United States. You do not speak for the millions of women who did not and do not agree with your views. In fact, you don’t even speak for yourselves. Proof is in the pudding, so they say. The pudding is the people who were watching in confusion as to what the issue really was. The pudding is the fact that so many of the women who marched just put out a hate message for Donald Trump. Again, the message was lost and you have no clue that it was.

The only ones to hear it are the ones who marched. I’m not even sure they heard it. It was confusing and it was overridden with hate, although there were many signs that said love. My personal favorite were the signs that said “I’m with her”. I can only assume that “her” is Hillary Clinton, since that was the “slogan” used during the campaign. Newsflash, the election is over. The new president has been sworn in. None of the hate spewed from your side of the street is going to change that. The fact is, it only hurts the “cause”. We don’t get each other. We don’t understand each other and we don’t care if we do. We are so wrapped up in our own selves and that we forget what really matters.

The least you environmentalists could have done was take your signs home. If you choose, because it’s a choice, to walk with signs rather than do something constructive, that’s on you. I can’t believe that people are so anti-prosperous America, people who are mad because ILLEGAL immigrants are being told they need to come in the right way, people who are mad because not everyone agrees with their viewpoints.

You can’t be progressives if you want to stay in a past ridden with loss of jobs, homes, hungry children and vets. You can’t be tolerant if you are intolerant. You can’t be peaceful while spewing violent speech. You can’t be heard unless you have a specific message. You can’t be unified while creating more division. And you can’t do anything if you are not DOING something.

You hate Donald Trump. We get that. You hate that he got the win. We get that. You can hate Donald Trump all you want. It won’t change a thing. You have to give credit where credit is due though. Donald Trump saw a lot of things wrong and so did millions of other people who voted for him. Donald Trump did something about it. He became involved at the highest level possible. The people who felt they wanted change did something about it. They changed it by making their voices heard on election day. If you want to moan that we are, in your mind, going backwards, then DO something about it. If you don’t like the direction the country has gone over the next four, then DO something about it.

Your message wasn’t heard by those you targeted as the people you want to listen to you. You want people to listen to you, then make it count in real time. Stop being pissed at people because they want to stop feeling helpless to get out of the cyclone of welfare and despair. We want our jobs back. We want our feeling of American pride back. American pride isn’t living off welfare. American pride is doing the work, having sustainable work. We want our strength back. We want people to stop feeling stuck in the system. We want the drug problem to decrease and we want our children to live in a safer world.

We aren’t looking to the people who live in their hilltop mansions with their millions of dollars telling us what we should and shouldn’t do. Yes, President Trump happens to be a billionaire. The difference between him and you is that he gave up living in his penthouse filled with glittery gold to serve the people who feel forgotten. He should be punished or dismissed because he made a prosperous life for himself and his family? He should be punished for speaking the truth about the state of our union, the real truth? He should be punished because his wife and children have been bashed over and over again by you, the tolerant ones? He should be punished because his life hasn’t been as sterile as you think yours is? You, the people, want to kill your babies, wear pussy hats and show your private parts to people who don’t want to see it, you are the ones telling us President Trump is immoral and has no respect for women?

There is a speech by President Kennedy during his campaign about his ability to run the country regardless of his faith. Would you agree that he did a fabulous job at it? Yes, he did. He did it, even though he was boinking women, who were not his wife, in the White House and probably around the world. He did it regardless of his faith or his other personal beliefs. He was a womanizing pig in reference to his personal life, but he fought hard for the people, all people in spite of that. Just replace the references to religion with references to personal beliefs and acts, and you have it in a nutshell.

It is odd that you had no problem re-electing Bill Clinton who not only was and probably still is a womanizing pig who vehemently lied to the people, but you are worried President Trump can’t do his job because he has done the same things your candidate’s husband did while he was in office. It’s baffling to me.

So much more to say, so little time.

The Opposite of Your World


  1. Please admit that you are a fake Trump media plant. No one who really loves a daughter would condone a sex offender who brags about getting away with sexual assault and being sexually attracted to his own daughter. Some people looked the other way on this aspect of this vile man and elected him anyway, and it's their democratic right to support what is most important to them, but for you to NOT UNDERSTAND why the mysogeny, racism, and bullying that he represents would be something women (and those who support women and people of color) object to and march against--that you can't see that freedom and equality is ALSO important (not just jobs and fear of terrorism), WOW--all I can say is you are one ignorant person. You think your daughter's boss is entitled to grope her? And you equate consensual extramarital sex (Bill Clinton) with sexual assault (Trump). Lady, guess which one is a felony? Yes, people like you turning a blind eye to injustice, sexism, racism, and bullying, just because they so much want to believe that a charismatic leader will "make their nation great" is exactly how dictators rise to power. Fortunately the marchers and the many millions who support them are not blind nor complacent!

  2. Actually, I am not a Trump supporter or plant. I have not turned a blind eye. No, I don't want someone in the White House who has been degrading to women. My choice was that there were some other candidate that was worth their salt to have been available. But you go on with your diatribe telling me what I think and what my reactions are. If people knew about John Kennedy, they would not have elected him because he was just as bad as Trump. People just didn't know what was going on back then. If people had known Bill Clinton was getting blow jobs under his desk in the Oval Office, they wouldn't have re-elected him based on your argument. Oh wait, you did. Don't dare to tell me what I think about someone just because I don't get your march. I thought the march was supposed to be about women's rights, not about Trump himself. The more you people talk, the more you reveal that you only want to get Trump out of office. I don't know how old you are, but maybe you should realize that some people have different opinions than yours and are just as free to express them as you are. He's president and I hope that he will do what he says he will do, none of which take away ANYONE'S rights.

  3. And if you care to find out what I am and what I really think of those candidate, read what I wrote before election day.


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