Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Did You Just Say It's Wrong to Bring Back Jobs?

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump promised to bring businesses back to the United States and keep other businesses from wanting to leave the states. This is one of the main reasons people voted for him. It is called hope that Americans still matter, and jobs are a little bit important to our overall economy.

Trump recently said that GM is bringing back production to the United States from Mexico for one of their cars. This is a big deal. If you were a person who worked for Chrysler, GM or any other car manufacturer during it’s heyday here in the US, you know how many people made a good living building your cars in the United States.

We have heard people (I won’t name any particular group. We will leave that to the imagination), say, first, that the Carrier deal and a few others, were already in the works or were already staying in the country prior to Trump’s election win. They also said that those jobs were already staying and he didn’t do anything. They say all this in spite of Carrier officials stating themselves that they are keeping hundreds of jobs here that were previously being moved to other countries because of Trump.

There are plenty of excuses for people to hate Trump. It’s this thing, or that thing, or one thing and then the other, but some people will never admit that he is doing more for the country before he even takes the oath of office than any other in recent history. I could go on and on listing those things, like Boeing working with him to get a better price on the new Air Force One, or the meetings with people who can help bring about change in the crime rate in the inner cities. Those who are against Trump despite an obvious move towards restoring the landscape of American pride will continue to bash, using one excuse after the other. My favorite is when people say that black Americans who talk with Trump are nothing but traitors to their culture. What? You have a problem with trying to fix what is most definitely broken? These are things that make most normal people scratch their head in confusion.

Now we have people saying that it is wrong to bring businesses back to the United States. One person even responded to Trump on Twitter asking how many people would be able to buy an iPhone if Apple brought production back here. What? You’re worried about buying an iPhone? How about we consider reality. The reality is that there are an enormous number of jobs in the United States that are now part-time. People who want to work hard have to struggle to make ends meet and often have to work up to four different jobs just so they can put food on the table. Maybe you should think about it this way. If Apple brought production back to the United States, more people would have decent paying full-time jobs with good benefits, which means that more people in the United States could afford iPhones, not less.

People can’t even find jobs in convenience stores anymore because those who own them are rewarded and paid to open these stores. They only “hire” family members, leaving out the most basic of part-time jobs for people who really need, at the very least, some money coming in.

Why would any American want to keep jobs overseas rather than give them the incentive to stay here? The more jobs there are here, the better the economy. Yes, consumers might pay a little more for a product if it is manufactured here. I have to question why it is better to have a ton of part-time jobs and very few decent wage jobs that allow people to not only survive, but to thrive. Normal people who work might love to have an iPhone, but if we keep encouraging businesses to go overseas, there will be less and less people who can afford them anyway. Jobs, we need these jobs!

Again, it is reprehensible that anyone thinks it is a bad thing to bring back jobs has lost their mind. Admit it, you are looking for a way to keep moaning because your rants have not been effective yet. It makes your previous arguments look ridiculous and you simply cannot stand to admit that he’s working hard, prior to inauguration and that success is already noted on several fronts. Come on, just admit it, you were wrong and you can’t stand that.

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