Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hollywood is Make-Believe; So are the People who Created it

As with most people, I love to watch movies, television shows, and interviews by my favorite actors. As with most people, there are songs that I love and have supported so many musical careers along the way. Unfortunately, at the time I was supporting those “artists”, I didn’t realize that they would pick and choose to make political statements on my dime. These are the same people who turn a blind eye to the true injustices occurring in their own backyard.

The most recent, is the Meryl Streep’s diatribe about how unjust the president-elect is. She claimed that Hollywood has no voice, (give me a break), yet they have the biggest voice of the entire nation. These are the same rich people, of whom most are millionaires with nothing better to do than to further divide a nation that is in great need of healing among citizens.

There are many who support Streep using an entertainment venue to air her indignation that her candidate did not win. There are many more who truly feel that it was the wrong place and time for that type of speech. People do not watch awards shows to hear political opinion pieces. It’s time that entertainers take a different stage to voice those opinions to those who care to hear it.

Let’s put this into perspective. People say that Trump supporters (I’ll leave out the expletives) shouldn’t have a voice and should not say what they want to say. Those same people are the ones who scream “freedom of speech” when it comes to their own tirades. If someone got up on that stage and said that it is time for the country to come together and “let’s stop the division and come together as a country”, that person would have gotten booed off the stage. It is a sad world we live in that it has come down to this.

I will say again, because I understand some of you will think that I am a Trump supporter. The truth is, I have a choice and I have a voice. Over the next four to eight years, this will be my president and I will support him. I did not; however, support him during the campaign. I didn’t support Hillary either and I had good reason in both cases not to support either one of them.

Fortunately, I was never a big Meryl Streep fan. I watched a few of her movies, all of which she played a wretched bitch with little to no moral foundation. It really says a lot about her character (in the real life sense, not in the sense of her roles). I am glad that this is not one of the people that I have ever supported in any strong way. I don’t buy any movie she has been in. I don’t make a point to go see her in action. I don’t listen to her political views either.

Now let’s talk about the adoration that we give to the people who entertain us. We have given them so much attention over the years that they think it is them who’s opinion should matter to us. As they would always say, it is no one’s business about their real life, or they don’t love me, they love the character or the music. That is true. We don’t know the real person and in most cases, I wouldn’t care to. Hollywood is a fantasyland. It is where people come together to show the perfect side and hide the ugly side. It is a place where people think they are God and they sit in their mansions with their millions of dollars and have not one clue about what real life is like today. This and yet they still have such a high opinion of themselves as to think they should inject their political poison on everyone else.

Here is a little more perspective. The film and music industry is infamous for hiding the very dark side of the “business”. Just ask any child actor who has been left in the hands of a child rapist. No one says a thing. No one says it’s wrong or bad or that it even exists. All too often, these kids are left to fend for themselves because parents also turn a blind eye. The money and attention are all worth it to them. These are the people whose political opinions we care about? Why don’t you ask Corey Haim about that? Why don’t you ask Mackenzie Phillips about that? Or Elijah Wood, CoreyFeldman, Joey Coleman, Todd Bridges, Dylan and Mia Farrow, Samantha Geimer (Drugged and raped by Roman Polanski, who Meryl Streep gave a standing ovation for), Michael Egan, Alison Arngrim, and Evan Henzi. I suspect there are many more child stars who have been exploited and trapped in a world they could not have possibly known existed.

Hollywood is no shining example of morals and good standings. There are those who have maintained their true convictions, but they are far and few between. Be careful who you idolize, you never know the secrets they hold and whose secrets they cover for. This is why I give little credence to anything they say or do. That should also give you reason to give pause as to their true motives. “Oh, if I would have said anything about the things I saw and heard, I would have been black-listed, so please understand” doesn’t cut it with me and it shouldn’t with anyone.

Then what do we do? We denigrate people, even young people, when they have stood by their convictions throughout their lives. We have KirkCameron and his sister Candace. Kirk’s career took a big hit when he turned his life over to Jesus. I applaud him for those convictions. Never mind the fact of whether you are a Christian or not. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that he took a stand and was, and still is raked over the coals for it. He chose not to do scenes that were against his beliefs, even though it cost him his fame and fortune career. It’s a very sad day when someone does stick by his convictions and gets sliced to bits and those who flip flop depending on which topic of the day is running wildly popular get the applause.

If you support someone who changes their mind every five minutes, as in Meryl’s case; if you choose to listen and adhere to her point-of-view when she can’t agree with herself about causes, then you are just as guilty as the general population of Hollywood. Not everyone applauded when Roman Polanski won his award. He’s the guy who went into self-imposed exile because he didn’t want to finish out his sentence after drugging and raping a young girl. Newsflash: No one, save for Charles Manson, wants to finish their sentence. Not everyone gave him a standing ovation and not everyone was happy about the choice. What is astounding is that there were far too many who did clap with a smile on their face and some who went further by giving a standing ovation. Meryl Streep was one of the latter. That, in and of itself, is disturbing. Why would anyone give a standing ovation to someone who committed child molestation, as even Polanski admits is true? Why would that same person stand up and say they don’t have a voice because their candidate didn’t win? That’s what her speech amounted to.

Don’t turn to Hollywood for your answers. That’s the worst possible choice you can make. Just because someone is wildly popular in make believe land doesn’t mean they are popular in real life. Ask those who live in Beverly Hills. They know that you are “in one minute and out the next” when it comes to socializing. They love you when you are the “toast of the town” and turn their back on you when you are not. There is nothing real there and there never will be. If they came down from their hilltop mansions and walk among people who are homeless, people who are struggling to make ends meet, people who are in dangerous neighborhoods, and all the other “little people” who live real life struggles, that’s when I will listen to their cries of having no voice. Go live where these people live. Go where there truly is no voice.  

When I watch a show that is meant to be entertaining, I support that show and the people who are in it. We, collectively, pay these people to do the job of entertaining. If I go to a play, I want to see the play, not hear political ramblings. When I go to a concert, I want to hear the music, not political points of view. When I watch a television show, I expect to see the entertainment that one would expect from that type of show, not political diatribes. When I go to a presidential rally or a town hall meeting, I expect to see and hear politics. When I watch the political debates, I want to hear politics.

The point is, if you are paid to do a job, do your job and leave politics out. Unless, of course, your job is to politically rant. It’s unbecoming and it freezes out at least half of your fan base, WHO, by the way, PAY YOUR BILLS! After all, if you freeze us out, you eventually freeze out your own bank account.

That is just a little food for thought on this beautifully perfect day! Go out in the world and make it a better place. Bring people together rather than drive them further apart. It’s your world, make it count.

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