Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Immigration Vs. Illegal Immigration: Get it Straight

Immigration vs. Illegal Immigration are two terms with two different meanings. People often confuse the pair. The standalone word, immigration, is a term used for people who took the steps to come to the United States legally. They are here on Visas and/or have since become citizens. If you are here legally, no one is going to haul you off in a paddy wagon to send you back to the country you came from.

Illegal immigration is a completely different term and apparently needs explaining. Illegal immigration means that the person is not here legally. It means that they have somehow snuck in, overstayed the Visa, or any other number of illegal entries into the country. That is why it is called illegal immigration. If you are here illegally and the government agencies find you, you are detained and sent back at the earliest date possible.

While Los Angeles and New York City, and perhaps other cities around the country, have already decided that they will be sanctuary cities. It is likely federal funding will be withheld from sanctuary cities, and that’s okay. That will save federal money to help in other areas of the country where it is sorely needed. These cities should also make certain that they urge the illegal immigrants to stay in the sanctuary city or they put their freedom at higher risk.

People are already having hissy fits about this. I hear screams for anarchy, civil unrest, civil disorder, or whatever other word you want to use to describe it. This will result in the same thing that all of the other protests, etc. have resulted in. It will result in arrests, it will result in no results for what you are fighting for and if pushed too far, it could quite possibly turn to Civil War. That would be quite a shame, but if that’s what you want, keep pushing until the other side pushes back. When they start pushing back, you may regret that you pushed so hard. Would it be too hard to consider why these moves are in the best interest of the United States?

We should cover the wall first. The cost of the wall will ultimately go to Mexico. They may not reach in their pockets and hand over the cash, but they could pay for it in many other ways, and I can bet a dollar to a donut that President Trump already has it figured out. Think of it as arm wrestling. One has bigger muscles than the other. The muscle, in this case, is funding, trades, etc. The benefits mostly go to Mexico from the United States. We aren’t required to send them any type of funding. If they refuse to pay, that’s okay because they will pay in other ways. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

The next obstacle people see is that the wall might stop them from stepping over, but won’t keep them from coming under. Trump has that covered already. He’s been saying it from the start. The wall will not be built level with the ground. It will go rather far underground. He definitely has it covered.

The next monkey-wrench people enjoy throwing out there is the fact that people don’t just come over the borders. True, we agree on that. They come in ways you would think are impossible, but that is something that will change as well. Why? Because catch and release no longer applies. If they are caught, they aren’t released. They go into holding and are processed as quickly as possible and returned to their home country. Catch and release was a bad policy that simply allowed illegals to come in and stay at their leisure. I can hear you saying, “what’s wrong with that”. Bear with me.

We all know that immigration reform is not going to completely rid us of illegals. It still should be enforced because it will change the face of America in a good way, even if you don’t see the end result now.

Problems Related to Illegal Immigration:

Drug Trafficking— Do drugs only come from Mexico? No, we know that. We also know that a tremendous amount of illegal drugs do come over the border from Mexico. Don’t worry, we also know that there is a serious issue with prescription drugs, and there are plans in action for this as well. What we are talking about here are the other deadly drugs. I’m not sure about you, but I know I am sick and tired of seeing teenagers, young adults and even some older people dying from drug addiction problems. I don’t care what way we work to stop it as much as possible as long as we do it. If that means a wall, and if that means catch, retain, return, so-be-it.

Human Trafficking— People are coming over our borders and vice versa, for the sole purpose of human trafficking. People, usually young people, very often children. This is unacceptable and should be to anyone in this country. These “stolen people” disappear, it seems, into thin air. It is virtually impossible to find and/or stop without some border control. That means a wall and other means of controlling who comes into the country and who doesn’t. Safety for our children, teenagers and young adults comes first in my mind.

Criminality— By no means do the majority of illegal immigrants commit criminal acts. On the other hand, many of them do. We have enough problems with our own citizens without having to arrest and put them in the system, send them to court, and house them during the term of their commitment. The majority of prisons in the United States are and have been in overflow for years. That is one of the reason that people are released so far ahead of their actual release date. There are rapists, murderers and thieves who are United States citizens. No one is arguing that. What we are arguing is that a pound of prevention is better than a cure. Again, there are enough problems with our own citizens without having to deal with people who have not come here legally.

Government Aid— Like it or not, millions of dollars in government funding goes to aid illegal immigrants. Schooling, housing, food stamps, cash assistance and medical. It is a fact and if you deny it, you are only lying to yourself. Those millions of dollars in assistance each year are needed in the United States because we are going broke. It is not fair that our senior citizens and our vets are consistently screwed, but it is made worse when the money that should go to things to aid vets and seniors is going to people who are not here legally. Like it or not, America First! These resources going to illegal immigrants gives them incentives to be here illegally and we leave the vets without housing and with poor healthcare, and senior citizens without the ability to pay for all of their medications that help them stay alive.

Employment— This is a two-part deal. Employers who can get away with hiring illegals do so because it’s cheap labor. No doubt that illegals will often do what “Americans” won’t, so they say, are hard workers with drive. The main reason that employers hire them is because they can get away with paying them sub-par wages. Then there is the “they pay taxes” argument. That doesn’t really apply here because you don’t pay taxes when you are not hired legally. It’s all “under the table” work. There are no records of the employee because they are illegal. No taxes, no contribution to the welfare system that is currently being drained dry. That’s a problem that will take a long time to fix as well. Far too many people, citizens, are living off of welfare. We need the jobs that are often taken by illegal immigrants. We need the incentives that illegal immigrants currently get, and that is the ability to find gainful employment so they can get off the welfare rolls.

Overall Economy— The economy sucks in many parts of the country. People are fighting to get jobs, which goes to my point in the last paragraph. Now we have a problem of fighting illegal immigrants for jobs. Many illegal immigrants do not spend their money here in the states. They most often send money back to Mexico to their families, thus it boosts the economy of Mexico, not the United States. Again, America First!

Legal Immigration— The final point is that people attempting to come into the United States in order to gain citizenship are not getting a fair shake. They have worked towards coming in legally. It is not fair to give illegal immigrants the chance to be citizens when there are so many waiting their turn in order to do it the proper way. The people on the waiting list are not just being held back because of the red tape to get in; illegal immigrants also hold them back. Red tape is also on the President’s list as well. He plans on making the process a little easier, a lot friendlier and even more quickly than it currently is.

Illegal means criminal no matter how you look at it. When the borders were open for people to come in through Ellis Island, the United States was in a better position to handle it. Right now, we are not in that position. Things have gotten out of hand here. We have to work on getting back to the thriving country we once had. The problems have only been getting worse and until we get it under control, that’s not going to change. Fight it as much as you want, but be prepared for an eventual push back from people who are sick and tired of not being able to find sustainable work. Illegal immigrants are part of that problem and that is something that has kept some parts of the country in a never-ending cycle of poverty. No longer. Enough is enough and if you are one of those who believe that you can bully the rest of us who have felt forgotten for years, you are sorely mistaken.

Not everything is about LBGTQ rights. That has been a priority for years. Women’s rights have been priority for years. There is nothing wrong with wanting things to be better in those areas, but something has got to give when the other end of the spectrum have not felt like a priority in as long as they can remember. Other things are now taking priority. A spur in job growth, backing the military and police forces that keep us safe, families who are struggling to survive, healthcare issues (yes, including repeal of ACA along with replacement with something all Americans can afford), and law and order in a country running rampant with crime. You’ve a right to your opinions and I’ve a right to mine. This is an op-ed piece and should be taken as such except in areas that I have given sources to back it up.


  1. Interestingly, Dawn, perhaps one of the biggest problems is that many people --previously established in North America do not differentiate between 'illegal immigration' and 'immigrants'. How quickly modern "Americans" and modern "Canadians" including First Nations peoples forget that ALL of our ancestors were also immigrants even if it WAS 10, 50, 100, 400, or even 10,000 years ago --and the movement of humanity itself was not necessarily all "Legal and legit, but achieved by INVASION and conquering.
    As for the "LBGTQ rights" firestorm now raging across North America, endless, ad nauseum, the extremism AND the problem has been exacerbated by devious social manipulators and neoLiberal extremism which is actually exploiting the vulnerabilities of groups that HAVE been traditionally dissed by the same self-proclaimed 'perfect and self-righteous, dishonest' element in the media owned and dictated to by the "right" kind of people.

    As for the 'wall'. Unbelievable. Although it is seen by many as more of a political ploy than a genuine solution, and CAN indeed be built by Pres. Trump, we suspect that nations, like farmers, will inevitably have to share the cost of mutually-beneficial fencing equally and use common sense --and we have NO doubt that the USA will be made great again by USING common sense first. ":) ~R

    1. Invasion and conquering. I agree, that's how "land" was gained throughout history. That is, I suppose, the ultimate reason for a wall and immigration reform. Many Americans feel like there is a real possibility that ISIS (that problem is not coming from Mexico) is attempting to take over the nation. Real? I don't know. What we do know is that Hitler had that very same plan and overtook other countries to his gain. That's not something any country wants, so the immigration reform is a very good idea. I agree, the two, Mexican and American head cheeses needed to keep that meeting and at least attempt a negotiation on the cost of the "wall". I have felt and still feel that government sometimes need to strike a mutually beneficial and shared cost of something that is so important. Trump's wall seems so far out of reach and it could cost Americans millions and/or billions of dollars to construct. There are, however, millions of Americans who have said they would willing donate to a fund that would be raised to help build for the wall. Sort of a "buy a brick" campaign. In fact, I think at least one such fund raising method is in the works. So the American people aren't sitting on their laurels about it. They are willing to put their money where their mouth is. Is the power there to raise billions of dollars, not likely, but it shows just how much the American people are willing to bear the cost no matter what that cost is.

      People around the world are more and more angry with America right now because of the proposed immigration laws etc. that President Trump is currently working on, but I still hear a lot of people from other countries saying how much they hate Trump for things he did in his past. I don't agree with the things that he's done in the past; however, people seem to excuse the same kind of behavior from past presidents. It's perplexing to me. We will see what ends up happening, but the one thing I can agree with Donald Trump on is that this country has gone down the toilet. The job market is sparse. We no longer have decent wage, full-time jobs that offer benefits. We have part-time, no benefits jobs that pay crap. People are finding it harder and harder, as they work two to four jobs everyday in order to simply make ends meet while other parts of the world are prospering more and more. We have become weak in every sense of the word. The entire world should, in a Utopian sense, work together and get along. As we know, history is proof that it will never happen that way. Do we want to piss off our neighbors, not really. We are trying, at least those tired of dealing with the inability to thrive day in and day out. Hunger is more and more accepted, homelessness is more and more accepted, fighting for decent jobs that 100 people apply for and there is only one position available, is becoming more and more accepted. I do not and will not understand how some Americans believe that it is time to put our foot down and no longer accept this type of living situation when we were once a thriving entity where the so-called "American Dream" is no longer acceptable. Isn't that, after all, one of the rocks that made the United States so appealing to other nations.

      Now it is more appealing because we give jobs to people who are here, yes, illegally according to law, when the legal citizens are left out to dry. Employers are, after all, looking for ways to pay less for employees no matter the cost to their fellow Americans. The lower cost comes in the form of illegal immigrants who willingly take the lower wage they receive because, in many cases, would still make much more money than they would in their own countries. Then the send the money back, well, I discussed probably most of this in the blog, but it simply makes my head swim. Common sense should prevail. That is certain. Much respect, my friend.

  2. Well said. I am baffled with individuals, intelligent ones mind you, that refuse to acknowledge common sense and the rules of law. So many people move the goal posts after the kick is in the air to score it's ridiculous. I couldn't imagine catching my son "stealing" a peace of candy from the store when we got in the car and attempting to justify his actions by telling him, "that's ok son, let's go return it, you just 'borrowed' it for a while. Stealing is stealing! Illegal acts, by no means is a legal act.

    1. I totally agree. We should have been doing this all along and it wouldn't have gotten to the point that we are now. Leadership along with the ever changing tolerance for breaking the law is unconscionable. We would rather our hundreds of thousands of homeless still suffer than to admit that we have a problem that can be easily solved. So many issues are at stake here and I believe that is why so many states turned out for Trump this time around. People are simply tired of being tired.


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