Thursday, January 19, 2017

Inauguration Day is on the Horizon

Here we are, one day before the inauguration of one of the most contested president in the history of the United States. He is controversial for many reasons, some real, some imagined. Has president-elect Donald Trump said and done some bad things along the way? He certainly has, there is no doubt about that. He’s also done some really wonderful things along the way as well. Everyone concentrates on the dark rather than the light. Maybe that’s part of the problem.

The election is over and Donald Trump won. That is a fact no matter how many times a person says, “but Hillary got the popular vote”. It is now time to concentrate on the things that will make this country look and feel like it once did. It is a time to come together rather than to fall further and further apart. We are not enemies; we are friends of a sort. We may not agree with each other’s politics, but we have one common ground. That is for the country to thrive. It is a place that has always been very powerful around the world. That power has diminished, not in just the last eight years, but slowly and methodically, by those who may not always have the people’s best interest at heart.

Do we not stop and think about the impact of the loss of large companies over the last decade? Do we really think it is a better thing that the countries around us are growing prosperous at our expense? I don’t believe that for a minute. Will the changes Donald Trump has proposed going to hurt our country or help it? We have yet to see, but it is truly worth the effort to find out.

Manufacturing jobs go overseas because the government has made it consistently more difficult for them to survive in the United States. They can’t make a profit, but they sure can make a loss. Companies cannot operate like that. This isn’t an argument for Donald Trump. This is an argument for the United States.

The worst part about this is that so many people are busy preparing to protest the inauguration. It is most certainly counter-productive. If there is an issue that arises during the presidency, that is most certainly the time to bring it to the table and protest to your representatives. No one can make a change on something that has not happened.

When we have gotten to the extreme that people will actually set themselves on fire in protest, there is something very wrong. That kind of protest just hurts the cause. It helps nothing except the medical field when they have to fix the damage. It makes zero sense to set yourself on fire in protest, not to mention, it’s far more painful than working towards actual change.

I want to see this country prosper again. A new Amazondistribution center is slated for the county I am from. It will be opened in the town I grew up in. This is fantastic news that will grow our local economy by putting 700 or more people to work in a job that pays more than a living wage with benefits. One of the news stations interviewed a woman who has been looking for a job for three or so years. She said that she was just hired after fighting for position after position where 100 people apply but only one position is available. That’s what I would like to see throughout the country. It is not our job to send all of our jobs overseas to make other countries thrive when we can’t thrive.

Nothing has happened yet. Nothing. You can’t change something that hasn’t happened. You can’t change the outcome either. Just know that your protests slated for today, tomorrow and Saturday will only be met with the other side. It will only ignite division further. Go back and listen to Trump through the years where he has talked about the problems facing the United States and tell me that he has been inconsistent with anything he said in his campaign. He loves the United States and only wants to do those things that will bring back pride to the citizens of this country. You may not agree with all of it, but it is certain that there will be many things that he will do that you will not be able to, legitimately, deny as better results for the U.S.

No one has been successful in trying to unify the country at this point. It’s not about what is best for you, or Joe Smoe, or even the president-elect. Unity is what is best for the country. If you are not willing to do that for your country, you don’t truly love this country, and it is as simple as that.

This might sound like a directive, but in reality it is a plea. The name-calling, the threats of violence, the downright disrespect for each other in the last several months is sad and disheartening. Please, please consider coming together as a unified country. Just imagine if this country came together every day as it  did on days such as 9/11 and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Imagine how much more powerful we are as a people during those times.

If you are afraid of this country being prosperous and safe again, then you go against everything you say you stand for. Progressives are meant to move forward, not backward. We have continually moved backwards for decades and it’s time to take some steps forward. Onward and upward, my friends, my countrymen/women, my neighbors. Onward and upward.  

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