Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Nazi: A Strong Word Used by Weak Minds

The word Nazi is always a tricky little bugger. It insinuates that someone is like Hitler. Let’s be quite honest about what a Nazi represents. The Nazis were intent on, for one, “cleansing”. They didn’t want the Jewish people to live. That is what cleansing boils down to.  No one is trying to do that in the United States, most especially President Trump. Yet they call him and his supporters Nazis.

Nazis were violent. They beat, hung and destroyed the lives of those who did not agree with or pander to their own thoughts and actions. Hitler put his own men on trial and they were found guilty. They were hung in the “public square” for all to see. This tactic was to let people know what happens if you oppose their views. They wanted to bend and mold everyone to them and only them, no matter if they agreed or not.

Nazis didn’t care anymore about their country, namely Hitler, than Satan cares about your survival. He ordered the out and out torture and murder of millions in his own Jewish community. There were those who fought for freedom, some of them dying because of it. There were non-Jewish helping the Jewish escape the confines of concentration camps, and many paid with their lives. To compare anyone to Hitler for your own amusement or gain, is a slap in the face to those millions of people who were truly oppressed. So stop slapping the faces of those brave men, women and children who suffered much greater problems than we have ever had to face in the United States.

Let’s talk Hitler/Nazi behavior for a moment. I would be willing to bet that most people can’t truthfully find one thing that compares Donald Trump or the Republicans as Nazi. If they were Nazis, after all, they would have threatened the lives of those people who disagreed with them. They would have sent death threats to electoral college members if they did not vote the way they wanted them to. They would have blocked the path to any rally of a candidate for presidency and/or blocked traffic on freeways to keep opposing views from expressing their own viewpoints. They would have loudly and proudly said that anyone with an opposing view should die.

Nazis would behave in such a manner as to demand that the electoral college be ruled as too old fashioned for them and that it should be changed immediately. They would intimidate, threaten and harass people who have chosen to perform at an inauguration because they didn’t want that person to be president.  

Nazis would name-call and shame anyone in the path, all the while screaming that their cause and views were the only important ones in the country. They would even threaten, wish or call for the assassination of the president if they didn’t like the outcome. They would concentrate on non-issues in order to overshadow the real accomplishments of a person so they wouldn’t have to say they are wrong. They would eventually push so hard against people with opposing views that the only voice people hear are their voice rather than the equal voice of everyone.

They would throw slurs about white supremacy and they would mock the police who are only trying to keep the public safe. Nazis would then decide it was time they overran any and all law and order officials that were not part of their cause. If a criminal was on their “side”, they would prefer freeing the criminal in the name of their cause as long as that criminal played along with their agenda.

Let’s not forget that Nazis also indoctrinated children into their fierce and powerful agenda. Who could forget the little children who were taught that hate is love and love is hate. Nazis would take any form of personal protection that citizens have in order to continue their rampage of hatred and their sick need to reign power over their people. Let me know if any of this at all sounds familiar to you.

Let’s take a look at what the democrats, the women’s “movement”, the “resistance”, the protestors, and the Hillary supporters/Trump haters have done in the name of their version of “democracy”.

Putting their children in the middle of a “movement” to indoctrinate them to their belief by wearing pussies on their heads, walking around naked, using the F-bomb at every turn, and setting hair on fire of those who oppose them.

Keeping out those from a “women’s rights movement” because they had differing viewpoints.

Threats of violence to members of the electoral boards in states that Trump won.

Death threats and intimidation used to keep actors, singers, dancers etc. from performing at the inauguration.

The belittlement of women with views opposing theirs.

Burning cars, ironically a limo owned by a company whose owner is a Muslim immigrant, burning trash cans, blocking passages to the inauguration, blocking roadways into the election route, blocking roads to rallies of a presidential candidate, breaking store windows and over 200 arrests for felony rioting.

Spitting on, throwing drinks at, screaming at, and shaming those who chose to support to go to inauguration events.

You may not want to admit that this came from the people who believe whole-heartedly that they are all for liberty, equal rights, and democracy, but sometimes truth slams you in the face like a brick into a window. You, the “I can’t believe it’s not Hillary, #NotMyPresident, it can’t be Trump” people, who have caused damage to your party as no other party since the Hitler regime, that you will not likely recover from.

Millions of people sat at home, Hillary supporters, Democrats and Republicans alike, and scratched their head as they watched this foolishness. They sat at home watching all of these things occurring and they said “whoa, that doesn’t represent anything I agree with” or “whoa, I was thinking about changing to democrat, but not now” and “whoa, this party no longer looks like the party that I joined so it’s time for a change”. Thus, in all your own hype, you are still unable to see why this is the exact type of behavior the Republicans have been hoping would happen for years.

You have harmed your cause, not helped it. You have made yourselves look foolish and are trying to let the world now that we are still a weak nation like we have been for the past eight years. This irreparable damage could, in fact, cause the demise of the party you say you love.

It could, and most likely will, result in the next election going exactly the way you don’t want it to. Who wants to be associated with a cause that can’t even figure out what they are fighting for. People’s whose mind you are trying to change don’t want the blanket “we’re fight for everything and everyone” cause. That’s not a cause. That is a reason to play vagina dress up games and pretend as though you speak for everyone. You don’t even speak for everyone in your own party, let alone for everyone who voted for Trump.

You cannot win a fight unless you have a truthful argument. You cannot love with hate and you cannot hate with love. You cannot force or attempt to force people to think your way if you claim democracy. You cannot expect someone to take you seriously about how badly men treat you, look at you, or even suggest that they find you sexy while you throw your boobs on the proverbial table and wear pussies on your head.

You cannot advance your cause without a clear outlook on a solution to a problem that doesn’t actually exist. You cannot put your children, your little girls in an atmosphere full of women who talk about men as nothing but evil, stand naked in the streets screaming “pussy” all day long, and threaten to burn the White House down with foul mouths if you want people to believe that you are serious about teaching your daughters that they should be treated with respect. You cannot make people hear when you drown out your own voice. You can’t protest while rioting or riot while protesting. Most of all, you cannot feign the idea of equality for all when you are willing to sacrifice one set of people for another.


  1. Well said, thanks for making this available with facts to back it up.

  2. Well said, Dawn. This is a topic that seriously needed to be addressed as you have done.
    "Respect" is a huge word, it is so sad that many of the people attending the HUGE women's 'Pussy' rally do NOT have a clue what "Respect for all of humanity" entails, especially "respect for one's self".
    It seems that the illusion of 'political correctness, the new neoLiberal poison is what they are seeing as "correct, right and just" --- and at this point, are demeaning themselves as their own worst enemies. Thanks again for this post, Dawn

  3. Ps. thank you Dawn, for enabling 'comments' ~R

    1. Thank you, Raymond! If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't have known how to turn the comments on. LOL


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