Monday, January 9, 2017

What about that Fiat-Chrysler Announcement!

It’s that time again. The time when I respectfully share a point of view seen favorably by a select group of people who have chosen to support the president-elect. It strikes me odd that so many people (actors, to be specific), feel the need to continually press issues that were originally brought up during the campaign. I have many thoughts on this, but we will start with the new announcement by Fiat-Chrysler.

The first thing is a background on Fiat-Chrysler because it is very important to put this into perspective. Chrysler was once it’s own entity that went by several different names. It was Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge and Jeep. These three brand names provided thousands of good paying jobs to people. This, in turn, delivered a booming economy for decades, but then came the recession.

The recession created one of the worst economic periods in American history, save for the Great Depression. The recession occurred under the guidance of President George W. Bush; no one is disputing that. It was a horrible time to live through. Although we can say we were right behind President Bush when he took a hard line with terrorists while maintaining an understanding sympathy for the citizens of the United States, things turned for the worst and many lives were destroyed because of it.

Then came President Obama, the one who was going to fix everything for Americans and get us working again. The idea that bailouts were the answer to the problem created a new wave of complications. We did it anyway, and then the automakers left the U.S. and gave the jobs we needed to foreign workers. People were still losing good paying, full-time jobs with medical, dental and vision benefits. There are still thousands of people losing their homes to foreclosure. Enter Obamacare, AKA, the Affordable Healthcare Act, one that costs thousands of Americans to either lose benefits or who have to pay out enormous amounts of money for healthcare, not only for themselves, but for people who do not work at all. This has led to one great big circle jerk and it is time for that to stop. After all, we can’t ignore the fact that most jobs are now part-time occupations with no benefits at all.

Let’s fast forward to today. President Obama is leaving office soon. We are down to eleven days before President-Elect Donald Trump takes office. I covered the many things that have occurred as a direct result of Trump’s election, including companies keeping and/or moving back to America. Consider one more added to that list. Chrysler-Fiat made the decision to invest back into the United States that which was taken away over the last eight years. The building of new Chrysler-Fiat plants is amazing news and one that most of us never expected to happen.

The truth is, discussions about this possibility may have been occurring prior to the election results; however, the company made the final decision on the heels of President-Elect Trump’s win and less than two weeks prior to his inauguration. This is important and good news for Americans. It means thousands of new jobs and it all depends on negotiations with the states in which the plants are slated for construction. Trump continually calls out companies on his Twitter account that refuse to keep their businesses here in the States. There is a consensus of people in a particular group that believe the Tweeting from a president-elect is outlandish, but the reality is social media is a driving force in today’s world. If social networking is successful to get word out about particular companies leaving, it gives more incentive for them to stay. It is miraculous news because people here need jobs.

Part of the populous, those who want to fight Trump all the way, believe that making companies think twice about leaving to or staying in foreign lands to do business will hurt our economy. I, personally, believe that it can only help the economy. People can’t feel comfortable spending when they know they are only working part-time jobs that offer little more than the need to work several more part-time jobs in order to make ends meet. You can’t spend money if you are afraid you won’t meet the rent or electric bill.

Knowing that you have a good job provides the incentive to spend, even if the prices on products go up slightly. It is called supply and demand, a basic economic idea based on the truth that the more in demand a product is, the lower prices companies can afford to put on them. It also provides not only incentive, but a stronger sense of self, to Americans who gave up hope for the comfort of knowing that they will have longer periods of time to get unemployment checks or welfare help with food and sometimes money. The more full-time, good paying jobs with good benefits, the more pride Americans will take in going to their jobs instead of fearing they will lose what little they have to making a few dollars and no benefits. It literally pays more to stay home and get welfare or unemployment checks than it does to work in many cases.

People who used to have college degrees work those assembly jobs now. People who used to work those assembly jobs are now flipping burgers, and the people who used to flip burgers are out of luck when it comes to working. I know of no people with college degrees who would prefer to work in assembly over the jobs that they once were able to obtain, or assembly workers who prefer to flip burgers or high school students who want to earn a few extra dollars of their own who would disagree with the fact that a change is needed.

If you were fortunate to have a job that survived the recession, that is great news. You don’t have to go out in the world as it is today to only find out you have very little chance in finding a decent paying line of work. Many people do have that problem though, and it’s not getting any better. The fight for these particular lines of work is dog eats dog and the work slowly trickles out of the United States and into someone else’s economy.

Why, you wonder out loud, do people insist they should make $15 an hour to flip burgers? It is because these are people who are trying to survive on jobs that were never meant to keep people going for the rest of their lives. They work these jobs because they have to, not because they want to. They work these jobs because they are still looking for jobs that are no longer there. It’s as simple as that.

What amazes me is that people are willing to settle for things just as they are. There are no aspirations left? There is no one who wants to get us back on our feet so that the economy is booming again? There is no one who is afraid that their job will be the next one out the proverbial door? Is there no one who would like to call customer service and get a person you can actually understand? Can we just stop settling for good enough? Can we just get back to thriving? Yes, we can do it, but not with the resolve to be happy just the way we are.

On another note: It is ridiculous that washed up actors, singers, public figures, still haven’t learned that they forgot too many people in too many states. It is appalling to think that their opinions matter so much that they feel a need to use any stage to tell people what they think of President-Elect Trump. If you choose to sit so high and mighty over the rest of us minions, then you try to get a regular job and not rely on the millions that you have made off us, the consumers that want to see you perform. You are not paid to tell us what to think. You are paid to do your job of entertaining. This includes you, Streep and Baldwin. 

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