Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bathroom Rights versus Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is an issue that should remain front and center until such a time that it is virtually non-existent, but it has largely been ignored in the national picture, rarely a priority. Things are changing under the Trump administration, some for the worst, but many for the better safety of the American people. There have been 7572 victims of human trafficking this year. To put that into perspective, it is only February.

The news is great at getting coverage out of people sitting in a town hall meeting that appear to be nothing more than a Trump bashing session, but they aren’t so great at getting word out that an order by President Trump is aimed at fighting human and drug trafficking rings. The news is great at stirring the pot over which bathroom a transgender person is using, but not so great at shedding light on much more serious issues.

Instead of worrying about the non-existent rights of ILLEGALimmigrants and who can use what bathroom, let’s worry about real human rights. Let’s talk about the horrid conditions that the human trafficking victims must endure. Let’s talk about Ashton Kutcher as he testified about solutions to human trafficking. I applaud him for his efforts in working to rescue victims and arresting the perpetrators of the dehumanizing crime.

Human trafficking is slavery at best. These victims are used for various things, but most notably, for sexual abuse. They live in fear of their lives, but become conditioned to believe that the abuse is normal. This should have ALWAYS been a priority, yet we’re worried about what bathroom a person can use. Human trafficking—that’s what a human rights violation is.

That is what amazes me about the news. President Trump keeps saying fake news, alternative news. I don’t agree with those statements. It’s not because I don’t think there is a problem with the press. I do think there is a problem with the press. I prefer to call it biased news. When Trump bashing town hall meetings are covered, but human trafficking issues are not, then I have a problem with the media. It doesn’t get any more biased than that. Put this issue on the news when it is being addressed by the highest office in the world. Put this issue front and center because it deserves to be there.

You can fight for what’s right. That is your prerogative. What you choose as your fight defines you as a human being. I prefer to fight for those who are truly the most vulnerable, those children (and the adults) who have no way to defend themselves against the torture they must endure on a daily basis. The reality is that there are very few ways to weed out, arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of such crimes.

Instead of tax dollars heading to states that are more worried about illegal aliens than they are about human trafficking (California’s victims are the highest with 1323 within that 7572 victims) divert the money to the fight against trafficking. Something is wrong with our mindset when people are not out there with signs to end human trafficking, but they are out there with random signs about some perceived wrong that hasn’t even happened (bathroom rights excluded since that has already happened). Where is our mindset? Shouldn’t you look in the mirror and determine whether you are for human rights at the very deepest and darkest or whether you are worried about bathroom rights?

I’ll fight for bathroom rights the minute someone is denied access to USING the bathroom. I’ll worry about human trafficking when it crushes the very core of human freedom, dignity and souls. Thank you, President Trump, for helping to shine a light on and act on the lowest form of life, the perpetrators of human trafficking. Get on board with that, “news” outlets, get on board with that!

Signing out until the next time. Have a wonderful day and please be sure that there isn’t a worse human condition to fight against than the one you are fighting for.

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