Thursday, February 9, 2017

Nordstrom Vs. Ivanka Trump = Ridiculous Political Statement

Nordstrom decided in January to end their sale of IvankaTrump’s line after great pressure from certain groups. Those groups provide a very small number of customers throughout the United States, yet the company knuckled under pressure, just as many celebrities did when it came to performing at the inauguration. It is shameful to bring politics into our television, movie, sports and shopping experiences (some via commercials as in television and movies).

Let’s be clear about one thing. It is not only Nordstrom stores that have taken such actions. Oddly enough, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s didn’t remove the line from their stores. They, instead, removed all signs pointing to Ivanka Trump products and mixed them in with all the other merchandise. It appears they have no backbone either way. They don’t want to alienate women who claim they feel selling Ivanka Trump items takes away their ability to feel like a strong, independent woman. They also don’t want to alienate the group of customers who fight back against pulling a line because of politics.

Let’s put it another way. Does anyone remember the Duck Dynasty line that was pulled from many retail outlets after a controversial statement made by one of the family members? Does anyone remember the idea that firing Phil Robertson was a smart choice by A&E? Of course, we all remember that.

The point is, in both of those cases, people fought back. Cracker Barrel pulled all Duck Dynasty products from their shelves in a political statement after pressure from one side. When the other side pushed back, those items were promptly returned to the shelves. Does anyone understand why? In the same push from one side to fire Phil Robertson from the A&E cast, but the other side pushed back and A&E lost millions of viewers over it. They even ran a Duck Dynasty super marathon that same week. Rerun after rerun, but they lost their audience as a whole because of their ill-advised move. Robertson was soon added back to the cast as a result.

There is only so far that you can push against one side before they push back. The election results should tell you that; if it doesn’t, then you are in denial. The fact is, there are three groups of people. There are the people who don’t believe in sucking away somebody’s life because they have an opinion. There is the other side that wants to stop somebody’s life because that person had an opinion. Then there are those that don’t care either way. Businesses should be the latter of those groups. Businesses have no place in a political fight for power.

When I shop, I’m not looking at the brand name to determine whether I like what I see. I see it, I like it, I buy it. That changes when a person or a business takes that option away. When shopping now, I will look for the Ivanka brand. I will purchase it, even if I don’t like what I see. Maybe I’ll buy three or four and give some as gifts, because that’s just the kind of asshole I am. I will support a business that does NOT knuckle under to pressure from one side to remove the products of a hardworking, strong and independent woman. That is shameful and it is shameful that people would try to say that Ivanka Trump is anything less than that hardworking, strong and independent woman.

Don’t under estimate the power of people who don’t picket, people who don’t make their voice heard in a tirade of fit throwing, but who fight back silently. They fought back silently with their vote in November. So many people disappointed to stand in Hillary’s corner on election night, shocked that such a thing as her not getting elected could actually happen. They will fight back silently again with their money. They will go to stores that don’t believe it is a good idea to take sides in a political battle rather than stores that refuse to see that not everyone has the same opinions as everyone else.

I’ve always heard that it is the silent ones you have to watch out for. It bears repeating over and over again that this couldn’t be more true. Look at the election outcome to see that. The squeaky wheel might be the first one oiled, but it is also the first one to get replaced. For every one that stops buying because they were bullies, there are ten more to take their place because they weren’t bullies. Remember that Nordstrom and any other store planning to do the same thing. We, the believers in fair business practices, are putting you on notice and putting our money where our mouths are.


  1. Well said, DAwn! Business people with no spine do what "Popular opinion" demands, wavering back and forth. Business with INTEGRITY will stand firm instead of making knee-jerk, foolish decisions. Again, well said. ~R

  2. Thank you, Raymond. This stuff is old and worn. They are calling this, of all things, the resistance.


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