Friday, April 7, 2017

Syria Airstrikes: Trump Still Putin's Puppet?

Syria is under attack, but it isn’t from outside forces, rather the forces of their own government. The recent chemical attacks are incomprehensible as well as reprehensible. It was a shock to the world to hear of this incident that took the lives of so many innocent people. A greater shock was the United States response to the attacks.

President Trump, last night, ordered airstrikes on the base where the chemical missiles were launched. The world has watched the United States closely since Trump was elected and this situation has sharpened the eyes of those watching. What is surprising more than anything, numerous Trump’s staunchest opponents have backed the move to help quell the problems that have been plaguing Syria for years.

Let’s get a little grip on what people are saying about the United States airstrikes. First of all, Americans have been making noise about the need to do something to help the Syrian people from the atrocious acts of terror by their own government. Do you remember that? What did Americans actually do about it? Draw lines. We drew a line, then drew another line, then another. How many lines can you draw before you realize you are the enablers? You can draw as many lines as it takes to get President Trump elected and sworn in, that’s how many.

The airstrikes by the United States were against a base, not the people. No civilians (or shall we call them victims of a tyrannical government?), were injured because of the airstrikes. That was and never will be the goal. What is the goal, you ask? The goal is to put an end to the atrocities occurring in that country on a daily basis as well as root out the evil forces of ISIS.

I go on about this today because I have seen very outlandish claims on social media today. President Trump, according to some, decided to randomly strike a Syrian base because he wants to divert attention from a more important issue. Um, no. There is no more important an issue today than the things happening in Syria right now.

 I think my favorite idiotic comments comes from those who say Trump did this on Putin’s orders. Um, no. Putin is a little pissed off right now. Hello, wake up little people who believe that The U.S. should just keep rolling over for a nice stick up the rear.

Here is another favorite. Trump attacked with his heart and not his head. Were you not the people who said Trump had no heart? Yes, you are, so stop it, just stop it. Anyone who saw the father holding his two babies (twins), who are now dead because of the actions of their own government, or anyone who saw the young boy break down when asked how many of his family members died as a result of the attacks (14 if you must know); if you saw these images and your heart didn’t break for them, you are one cold b----. President Trump didn’t order the attacks because his heart told him to, though he should feel that stabbing shot in the heart. He ordered the strikes because we need to stop drawing lines and start giving these people their homes back.

People worried about getting those people over here, do you even think? If our government were to do what the Syrian government is doing, would you rather flee forever or reclaim your country with the help of your true friends and neighbors? I would opt for the latter. Help me get my home back and I will feel hope. How hopeless do you think the Syrian people feel right now as opposed to yesterday? I have no proof that they are grateful for it rather than the MSM news this morning, but I would place bets that they are not only thankful, but finally have been given a glimmer of hope that all is not lost.

People have spent months talking about Trump being Putin’s puppet, then he proves you wrong and you say he did it because he’s Putin’s puppet. Sorry, but I don’t get that. Just face it, all people who have said these things, you were wrong and that is the bottom line.

You can’t scream at the top of your lungs that we need to do something and not expect something to be done. You cannot say you care about the Syrian people if you believe the best way to help is to help them flee instead of giving them their home back. The world has failed the Syrian population for years, including the U.S. under President Obama’s terms. We are no longer failing them, so pull up your big girl panties and make up your mind about whether you give a crap about the people who have been terrorized by their own government for years.

A final word: Conspiracy theorists, you lost me at 9/11 when you downplayed the role of terrorists in the attacks and slammed the memories of hundreds who died that day. Back away, you’ve got nothing but a handful of BS.

Until next time, have a wonderful day!

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