Monday, September 25, 2017

Dear Ravens: You are a disgrace

Dear Ex-My Ravens,

It is with great displeasure that I write to you today. I stood with you through thick and thin. Loss after loss since the last Super Bowl we played in. Sunday’s game, when thousands and thousands of your fans either spent thousands of dollar to watch the game in person or started to give ratings a boost to watch your game, you lost my support. Those diehard fans would have still been fans had you lost, but when you lost their respect on Sunday morning, your precious NFL came another step closer to extinction.

For you to stand hand over heart to “God Save the Queen” after you just kneeled in “solidarity” with other kneelers during our national anthem was a double slap in the face to your fans. That is very much like pledging allegiance to that country instead of your own. I love England and all the people who I have had the pleasure of getting to know there. What I don’t love is that you, American citizens visiting in another country, embarrassed American fans by your display. You were supposed to represent us, but you chose not to.

Actions speak louder than words and your actions showed us a lot. Solidarity with the people in the nation means bringing people together rather than adding fuel to the fire of divisiveness in our country. Your actions added fuel to the fire. I had to turn the television off when I saw that and it will not turn to another station while your games or any other NFL game is playing on it. Your actions were intentional to say the least. You already knew that people would be angry over it, again, fuel to the fire.

Your ratings may not bother you, but they will bother the sponsors. You have a right to your opinion. You have a right to speak it or act on it. Most people would have lost their jobs for doing what you did. Instead, the NFL gives you a pat on the back, yet another slap in the face of those you do not value, those who pay your outrageous salaries. Therefore, instead of watching all of you, perhaps I will spend that four hours of time that I save per week to help those affected by domestic violence, another thing the NFL approves of. Perhaps I will spend that time picking at my toenails, but it is still a better alternative than watching you play.

Fans would have been disappointed by the fact that you lost the game so terribly, but they would have stuck by you and hoped for the best the next time. Instead, fans waited to hear what the scores were so they could cheer and clap when you lost. I would have stopped watching if Ray Rice was still playing on your team, but he got the boot and that kept me around. Now I am sorry that I did.

I am all for your rights to have an opinion or stating your opinion, but not when you are working. That is a problem for me and to thousands of other fans. We want to watch you play football. Enough of the political landscape every time I turn on the television. There are very few things that I will even watch on television now because of the climate and the list just got four hours shorter. I’ll stick with Netflix, DVD’s and iTunes purchases.

You wanted to pretend like you were in the song, “We are the World” and totally forgot that you don’t speak for everyone. I know the NFL won’t implode just yet. I also know that every time something stupid happens in the NFL that people start dropping off. The more people who drop off puts you one-step closer to extinction.

One last thing before I end this. There are people in Mexico right now who do not have electricity, water, food and/or homes to live in right now. Instead of taking a knee that does nothing, send a truckload of water to them. Maybe you should, with all your millions of dollars, consider doing that. Maybe take your kneeling time and use it to recognize the people around the globe who are suffering due to the overwhelming natural disasters. Instead of that, you kneel in order to protest the president. Now that’s what I call priorities. Such a shame that you wasted your time on the never-ending merry-go-round called “Poor millionaire me, the president hurt our feelings”. Move on, I know I have as of this last word.


  1. Too long didnt read. sounds like a lot of butthurt.

    1. If you didn't read it, you probably should withhold comment. No butt hurt here. Just speaking my mind, you know, free speech and all that. :-) Have a beautiful day.


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