Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hollywood Shocked about Weinstein? Only because He was Caught!

Hollywood is in a state of shock after finding out that Harvey Weinstein is a sexual predator. They are in shock because he was known for his behavior. I can see their confusion on this issue, since he was clearly an outstanding member of their high society of sexual depravity.

Everyone was afraid to open their mouths in fear of his retribution, via threats of court battles over privacy agreements. There should be no reason for California, or any other state, to make it law that a privacy agreement is not effective if it involves sexual harassment, rape, etc. involved, right?

I am appalled at the shock in Hollywood over these incidents, not because they don’t have a right to be upset, but the picky methods they use to feel outraged. Never mind the children, who are now adults dealing with serious issues, who have been raped and sold off by their parents in hopes of fame and fortune for the child. Decades of this BS has been going on, and people are shocked that Weinstein could have used his power to strong arm women into sexual acts?

Maybe we shouldn’t mention the resounding applause Roman Polanski received after winning an award given out by Hollywood. We shouldn’t mention the fact that Polanski sexually assaulted an underage girl and then fled the country to avoid any type of punishment for his crime.

Maybe we shouldn’t mention Woody Allen who also stands accused of child molestation by one of his children, but so many have not believed. But we should mention that her brother, Ronan, is the one who actually broke the Weinstein story, a true story. We should mention it because he knows firsthand how Hollywood handles their business and their power. He is a champion for these causes, as he should be.

We shouldn’t mention the numerous children who have told their stories through the years that Hollywood destroyed their lives because of the sexual depravity there. Those children have been voices for this cause for decades, but no one was listening. Well, at least they changed the laws, but the behavior, not so much.

Hollywood has never been a beacon of reality. It is based on a fantasy world that truly doesn’t exist. Anyone who takes stock in the life of Hollywood should really take a second look at their morals, because Hollywood is just another name for “Do Whatever The Hell We Please Because We Are Just That Powerful”. They are powerful because we make them powerful.

No one paid attention to the child abuse, child sexual assault and sexual assault heaped upon so many in Hollywood who were seeking their fame and fortune. The difference between the two is that children were put in that position by their parents. When I wrote my book, Danny’s Grace, it was about just this type of behavior. I really need to get it back on the market because it’s just as fitting today as it was when it was first published. I am still just as appalled at the behavior now as I was then.

Not a single person in Hollywood is truly surprised that this was happening. They are only surprised that the story finally broke. Thank you, Ronan Farrow, for addressing this topic in such a straightforward, fact-based article. Thank you to those actors and actresses that didn’t stand and applaud a known child sex offender, though there were only a few of you. Meryl Streep’s words have never held weight with me since seeing her standing and applauding such a depraved, little man.

If you were truly shocked about Weinstein and his many acts of sexual crimes against women, then either I feel sorry for you for being so blind or I feel disgusted by you for choosing to be blind to it.

Stepping off my soapbox until next time,

Appalled By Hollywood for Decades

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