Friday, February 16, 2018

End Game in Mass Shootings is not Finger Pointing

     There is far too much to say about this subject to put in a Facebook or Twitter post. First and foremost, if we do not stop ripping each other apart, there is no sense in arguing about gun laws. Whether you are for or against them, this isn’t about firing insults at each other. Find a center and work from there. Yes, there is a center where everyone can meet and discuss things like adults, but everyone is just too stubborn for their own good and the good of others.
     The first thing we should consider is that this is not mental illness. Labelling it as such is a detriment to people who truly do have mental issues. There comes a time to name the real problem. The real problem is hatred in a dark, black heart. Their intentions are to destroy others, and that’s what they do. Mass murderers are not mentally ill. If they were, they couldn’t pre-plan such evil acts. Spreading this as mental illness is only perpetuating the stigma that millions of people live with.
     It is also not being bullied, suffering child abuse, losing someone you love. The list goes on, but the point is, these things happen to people every single day of the year. Those things don’t prompt millions of others who often go into depression, to go out and kill a mass number of people. This latest shooter had a reason behind it. He wanted to make Florida all white. Odd that it was his goal, yet he shot up people who were white along with other races. He had a plan, and a well-thought out one. He had the presence of mind to pull a fire alarm to create more easy targets, he’s evil and it’s nothing more than that.
     I know this offends so many people, but my thoughts and prayers are really none of your concern. I send them every time something bad happens. I know it doesn’t fix the problem, but it does send comfort to those who need it most. It would be far worse for those who lost loved ones if they didn’t have the support they get from thoughts and prayers. It’s about holding them up and showing them that they are not alone. Nothing is ever “fixed” by sitting idly by with your hands under your butt. That requires action on your own part, whether you pray or not, or whether you think about those who are hurting. Stop battering others for what they believe or who they are. Chances are, no one agrees on a hundred percent of things. You actually do have to give if you want to receive, so how about we think like that.
     The point is, we all need to stop tearing each other apart and finger pointing and just get done what needs to be done. I don’t give a rats butt whether you think I believe what you do. If you want to destroy yourself, go for it. Stop taking the country down with the petty bickering and find that place in every loving human heart that want to compromise.
     Final thoughts: #DontEatTidePods… It kills.


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