Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why Trump Won (Yes, he actually won)

Mainstream Media- They focused more on Donald Trump’s words and actions before he was in office than what Hillary did (and didn’t) do while she was already in public service. People won’t soon forget how biased mainstream media has been. I would call it mainstream news, but news would suggest that it was unbiased and we haven’t seen much of that lately, have we? And let’s not forget about the polls that were so far off it isn’t even funny.

All of America- He concentrated on all of America instead of rallying around a few groups that could get him elected. Hillary, it was a nice try, but just because you think that one group of people’s votes count while all others don’t was a very bad move.

Deplorable and hatred of Christians- While liberals are good with diversity; it only counts if you believe as they do. Clinton polarized these groups and as she did, so did those who believe in diversity. This is not something new. Downing Christians, among others is not the way to garner votes from them. All votes count as this election clearly shows.

Bigheaded celebrities- While we enjoy watching you on television, in the movies and listening to your music, I think a lesson could have been learned with the Dixie Chicks. We don’t want your opinion of how we should vote. We don’t care what you think. You live in a fantasy world with your big houses and no sense or remembrance of what it was like to struggle in real life. Your agenda does not matter one wit.

Supreme Court Justices- (and this is a biggie) Like it or not, there are far more people in various parts of the country that took this very seriously. The Trump choice was the smart and only choice for any pro-lifer and second amendment citizen. There are a lot more of them than Hillary or her supporters believed. Again, she polarized a vast number of people in the United States.

Smugness- Clinton and her supporters were so smug about her win that many didn’t get out and vote. They figured it was a sure thing and so they let the vote ride. This is where the “your vote counts” comes in. If you didn’t vote, you either didn’t because you figured she was a shoe in, you really didn’t back any of the candidates or you just didn’t give a flying monkey about the election or its outcome. In any case, that could have well cost Hillary the presidency. You can include the media smugness, proclaiming Hillary was going to be the winner.

She counted on the woman card- Yes, it will be a wonderful day in history when a woman gets a seat as president in the United States. Yes, it will be a historic day. No, the choice should have never been Hillary Clinton. She was, very obviously, too big for her britches. She, as many Americans believe, got away with far too much, so for democrats to choose her simply because it could mean a huge win for them because she is a woman is ridiculous. It is her policies and her past performance as a public servant that people looked at, not her gender.

History- Since my birth in 1963, when John F. Kennedy was president, the usual round of presidents goes something like this, Democrat, democrat (because JFK was assassinated) Republican, republican (because Nixon stepped down), democrat, republican, republican (simply because that is how people voted), It should also be noted that the first republican in that succession was an actor who was not a political figure, democrat, republican, democrat. It’s a nice balance between the two and should tell you that this was a really bad year to expect a democratic win.

Weakness- Not weakness because Hillary was a woman, but because for the past eight years, policies in the country are geared more towards pandering to other countries rather than concentration on what is important to Americans. We are so busy kowtowing to other countries, for instance, illegal immigration, releasing many known terrorists in exchange for one American soldier who basically defected, apologizing because we might not have been very nice to a country that has harmed us, and the list goes on. A vast number of Americans believe that we look much weaker to the rest of the world than we have been in our history. We cannot afford to look weak and to be honest, at this moment; other countries are cowering a little bit because of this election. As it should be according to many Trump voters. When we look weak to other countries, we are vulnerable to them as well. Simple math.

Immigration- We have been weak on illegal immigration (I refuse to call it undocumented. That’s a nice way to sugar-coat it though) since Obama took office. Clinton promised more of the same. The only legal immigrants who were afraid of a Trump win were those who were manipulated by Clinton herself. She made it sound as though Trump wanted to deport anyone who immigrated here regardless of whether they were legal or illegal. Here’s the thing, Trump never once said that. It was propaganda that backfired on Clinton. Trump wants to be fair to the millions of immigrants who have been basically waiting in line to get here legally. He wants to be fair to American workers and the list goes on. He never once laid out any intention whatsoever that he was going to mass deport anyone who lives here legally. The propaganda worked until it didn’t.

Forgotten Populace- One of the main things that won it for Trump is that there were so many people in so many states that felt forgotten by the democrats. Whether they were farmers or people who simply didn’t matter to the previous administration or the candidate they supported. Democratic runners believed they would win on the same old subjects. The fact is that is what lost them the presidency this time around.

Obamacare (ACA)- It was disastrous. Now, I won’t say it was disastrous for all. It actually helped some people. The skyrocketing cost of healthcare, the inability to stay with previous plans (even though it was promised they would), the inability to go to a doctor of choice, fines for people who probably couldn’t afford the healthcare in the first place, and the list goes on, it just didn’t pan out. It was a huge disaster and people didn’t want it just changed, they wanted it to go away with a better plan put in its place.

Big Government- Should we say humongous government instead? The federal government should have its nose in certain things. It should also stay out of a lot of things. Federal government has their nose in everything these days. Everything is regulated. Well, not everything, the number of times we use the bathroom hasn’t been regulated, but that’s about all.

Trump seems more like us- Ironic that a one-percenter could make people feel that way, but there you go. Trump doesn’t come from government, he comes from the general public. He seems more real and more in touch with us than the people who should be are. Now, isn’t that a crying shame? A one-percenter knew how to more closely relate to the public than the people who have been representing them for years.

And then there is this---- Many of the likely voters who didn’t vote chose not to because they couldn’t support any of the candidates, but most of them come from the democratic party who would have likely voted for Hillary had they gone to the polls. Then there were the democrats who chose the Republican Party because a Trump was better than a Clinton. What does that say about Clinton? It says a lot. Sometimes silence speaks volumes.

Final thought: Clinton supporters (in all fairness, not Clinton herself) are calling for the electoral college in every state to vote Clinton instead of Trump because Clinton won the popular vote. Here’s the thing, that’s dumb. Would they be calling for it if it had been Hillary who won? Of course not. They wouldn’t want their votes discounted because we didn’t agree with them. To the people who say the electoral college was not so that each state got representation, but to keep it from mob rule, yeah, no. Listen, although that may be the wording, you aren’t thinking clearly. A mob is not like Sopranos kind of mob. The definition of mob is a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence. I really hate when someone says that they hate when someone gets the reason for the electoral college wrong because these are the same people that should take a course in proper definition, it’s a thing.

Hillary lost because she and her supporters discounted far too many people in far too many states. That is the bottom line. Time to take your signs home, especially those who couldn’t be bothered to vote. It matters not that you are acting so childish. It changes zero things. Go home and think of a productive way to keep your voice heard. A way that will matter four years from now.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Open Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump

Our Incoming First Family

Dear President-Elect Donald Trump,

First, I would like to congratulate on your win and I look forward to seeing how you handle your position. I look forward to seeing where this presidency takes us as a country. What we need from you now is for to prove that you are truly a winner. You have spent your entire life winning even when you were knocked down. We expect the same from you as the highest office holder in the United States and, perhaps the world. The ultimate win for you and us is not getting into the presidency, but being named the best president to have ever taken the oath of office. This is where we need you to prove that you want to win no matter what crazy is out there trying to stop you.

I suppose those who protest your win think they are doing right. I am not sure how they think that, but there you go. A suggestion from the saner of Americans is to rise above them and stay true to yourself. That has never been your problem considering you never apologize, even when everyone else thinks you are wrong. That is probably one of the reasons you were elected. No matter how appalling some people think your speech is, the fact is, you were honest about it and you didn’t try to cover it up. That is not something they could say about the other candidate who has proven she will lie to cover her butt. We expect better from you. We expect you to tell us the truth even when the truth hurts. Don’t turn into one of them, that is one of the reasons you were elected, because you weren’t one of them.

The protesters and rioters are not representative of most of the nation and definitely not all democrats. One of the reasons Hillary lost is because many dems felt they couldn’t vote for her so they either voted for you or they voted for a third party. The idea that all democrats are with this so-called movement is inaccurate to say the least. I know many democrats and they all work hard, cherish the rights they have, and respect the election process. My grandmother always respected whoever was in office no matter if she disagreed with them because it was our duty to let the world see a united front. My mother has carried on that torch and respects the rights of everyone, not just her own.

The true embarrassment of this country right now is that so many people are showing disrespect for the election process and to the president-elect. Many registered democrats are jumping ship because they do not want to be associated with riotous behavior of a minority in that group. The behavior is appalling and anyone associated with or even condones it should be ashamed of themselves. It is a reflection of them, not of you or anyone who denounces it.

There is a great deal of difficult work for you to do, and by all appearances, you have already begun to work on it. One of the most important feats is to restore the feeling to American’s that there are far greater benefits of working than there are to collecting government funds. People want to go to work and feel like more productive members of society. The problem is that they are rewarded far more for inactivity and that instills fear of lost security. There are some of us who have a greater fear of what will continue to happen to our working pride and ethics if the country were to remain in it’s current stagnant environment.

You have a beautiful, well educated, family that has work ethics out the yin yang. We, the collective voice, welcome you to the White House in January. It will be an interesting four years, we are certain of that. You have certainly shaken up the system! Don’t feel so upset about unfair situations. People will treat you unfairly, especially now. That is how people see the world now. Life is not always fair. The most important thing is that you won fair and square. In January, you will represent all of America and you should see that as a fair result of a fair fight.

Thank you for not gloating on your win and for being so gracious to Hillary Clinton in your speech. That was a very classy acceptance speech and that is what makes me believe that you will be a fair and just president. I wasn’t so sure about that just two weeks ago, but I feel better now.  

I have never bothered to watch the elections of other countries. The fact that so many countries around the world were watching ours shows exactly how influential our power really is. Please let us show them that the only time they need fear us is if they threaten the well-being of our citizens. Truly Christian prayers go out to you and your family as you take on this most important position. “And hey, let’s be careful out there.”

Dawn Hawkins

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Verbally Abusive Presidential Campaign

Oh, this election campaign has been one of the worst in history. The United States is more divided than it was in the sixties, and it’s been going that way for the past eight years. It doesn’t matter who I voted for or who you voted for, the fact remains that Trump is the president elect. You can’t change it by denying that he is your president, you can’t change it by rioting and protesting. That is not the way it works. The way it works is that you vote and hope your side wins, if it doesn’t, you move on to the next phase and determine what is best for the United States. If you believe our best is to continue the divisive behavior, then by all means, go for it. If not, then let’s figure out a way to make it work.

I have seen people wondering what to tell their children about who won. Here is what you tell your children. You tell them that in the United States, we have candidates to choose from and that we choose sides based on what we believe. You tell them that others may not agree with them about what they believe, but they should respect the other person’s opinion about it. You tell them that although it may not have gone the way some people thought it should go, democracy worked the way it was supposed to. You tell them you love them and cherish them.

If you don’t tell your children those things, ask yourself this. What would you tell your children about why abortion is okay or even explain how it works? How would you explain to them lying for them is not okay, but it’s okay for someone in office to do nothing but lie (if you voted Hillary). What you really tell your children is that they have nothing to worry about. This is an adult thing, not a burden little children should have to worry about. I spent the better part of my childhood wondering when the nuclear war was going to happen because adults believed it would. It didn’t happen then and I seriously doubt it will happen now. Don’t alarm your kids about things they shouldn’t have to worry about needlessly.

Why did America vote the way it did? It’s a pretty easy thing to sum up. A huge portion of the population have stayed in the confines of their homes on election day. Those same people have been ignored as inconsequential to election outcomes. They may be white women and men, Christians, gun owners, and the list goes on. Don’t blame anyone for this. It just shows how divided we have become as a nation. Everyone, probably even Trump, believed that Hillary was a shoe in. Then when the numbers started rolling in, people were somehow shocked that we were so divided and the race was so close.

I have heard all kinds of innuendo about how so many people voted for hate, etc this morning. I have heard democrats still name-calling and don’t even get me started on California. Newsflash: NO ONE voted against gay people, black people, Hispanics, women’s rights. People voted for the possibility of a more stable government, for the right to life, for gun rights, for jobs returning to the United States, and a host of other issues. Everyone has the right to their opinion and to their vote.

At the end of the day, you can whine, shout, cry, and stomp your feet all day long. That won’t change the outcome and no matter how often you say #NotMyPresident, he is going to be THE president. So hissy fit for now, but I hope that the country does come together better by the end of this four-year term. Tired of the spewed hatred among both parties. It is the most verbally abusive campaign of our history, let it go and show your children what it really means to be strong, independent thinkers who need to know that their vote will count when it is their turn. #EndOfRant

I am Dawn Hawkins and I approved this rant.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Oh look, Elkton, Maryland is Trending on Facebook

It just got real... This is the video to see if you want the truth.

I ran to Elkton this morning totally oblivious to the fact that there was a major event unfolding right before me. Even the radio station I was listening to only said that it was an accident. Imagine my surprise when I posted to Facebook for my Elkton people to let me know they were all right only to find out it was a shootout at a local motel. Maybe I shouldn’t have been shocked. Elkton isn’t exactly the same small town that it once was; I was surprised anyway.

First, know that there were rumors flying all over Facebook about this. One was that there was a robbery gone bad, another that there were police officers shot, some say wounded, others say dead. Other rumors say that the suspects were shot and injured while others said they were dead. Some said there was a third person and some even said there was a fourth person who escaped and was running around Elkton. Let’s not forget the major hostage situation either. Social Media is the thing nightmares are made of, my friends.

The reality is that two suspects from Dover, DE were wanted in connection with crimes in Delaware. They had a laundry list of charges that they were facing upon arrest. I will post the list below which is copied from a Delaware paper. Maryland officials were working in conjunction with Delaware officials to apprehend the pair. When officers arrived on the scene of the motel with a warrant, they identified themselves and one of the suspects came out of the room pointing what appeared to be a weapon at the officers. Officers opened fire on the male suspect. Repeat the same actions with the female suspect. They are both dead. None of the officers were injured.

Enter the court of public opinion. News media already trying to find out if there were body cams before officials were able to complete the investigation at the scene. Live recordings from people all around the site were going wild all over Facebook, including one where we could hear the gunfire, but the camera not facing the actual scene, and one video that showed the whole thing unfold (thank God for that because now people can stop whining about why police took this action) and plenty of people saying this is typical Cecil County behavior. You have to love that, especially if you are from Cecil County.

Granted, we have our problems. We have our drug addicts, our homeless, our thieves, and yes, the occasional murderer. What we don’t usually have is our criminals trying to act all big and bad with police officers like “Yeah, well, I’m going to stick this in your face, whatcha gonna do ‘bout it?” because, quite frankly, our criminals, even the violent ones, don’t really want to die themselves. They much prefer three hots and a cot.

Unfortunately, Cecil County, specifically, Elkton, has become a vortex for people travelling from various cities along the east coast. We are an easy drop-off point. A place that used to be a little unassuming. Newsflash all who want to come here to hide out in the future, it is no longer unassuming. This is the first place they look. You might as well just walk into the police station as to come here to hide ‘cause we gonna get you. STAY AWAY!!

Here are a few things to note, all you who are down on Elkton/Cecil County… Mom’s in the city when their outlaw kids get dead from stupidity: “Oh no you didn’t. That’s my baby. Why you kill my baby. Them police done kilt my baby.” Cecil County Mom when their outlaw kid get dead from stupidity: Yelling at a dead corpse: “I told your dumb ass to go turn yourself in. No good is going to come from you running yourself around the countryside trying to pretend like you can hide from the police. You can hide for a little while, but I done told you, they gonna catch you sooner or later. You just couldn’t listen to me, could you. Just had to do it your way.” Sorry, but it’s true.

Go on and brand me a racist, an uncaring this or that. Unkind, hateful, bitter, whatever. I’m not talking black or white. I’m talking city and town. Maybe I am bitter. Maybe I am bitter that people like the two who were killed today have been supplying drugs to people for Lord knows how long and maybe they were responsible for Lord knows how many deaths as a result. Maybe I am bitter because my grandkids have to grow up in a world where parents are more concerned about getting gunfire video than they are about getting their kids to safety (not rocket science).

The point is, these people weren’t from Elkton. They weren’t from Cecil County. Hell, they weren’t even from Maryland. At least one person got clear shots of the man and woman coming out of the room and pulling out these guns and firing off at officers before officers fired. The male suspect did his little “whatcha gonna do” dance, then they showed him what they were going to do.

This is more a rant than anything else. See below for the long list of charges against these two felony fugitives. Stay safe and thank you to all law enforcement officials who were involved today. Glad you all get to go home safe and sound to your families.

Brandon Jones, 25, and Chelsea M. Porter, 25, both of Dover, are wanted on the following charges: four counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, possession with intent to deliver heroin, possession of heroin, possession with intent to deliver marijuana, three counts of possession of a deadly weapon by a person prohibited, receiving a stolen firearm, conspiracy, possession of marijuana other than personal use quantity and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to Master Cpl. Gary Fournier, a Delaware State Police spokesman.

Additionally, Jones is wanted in connection with a reckless endangering incident that occurred on Tuesday in the 700 block of Dinahs Corner Road in Dover, Fournier said.

Police say Jones fired one round from a handgun into the air after he threatened to shoot a 44-year-old victim. Detectives conducted a search warrant on Thursday at Jones’ home in the 100 block of Stardust Drive in Dover, Fournier said.

Police located and seized 2094 bags (31.41 grams) of heroin, 1,020 grams of marijuana, a .38 caliber revolver, a 6.35 caliber pistol, a .22 caliber rifle, and a .357 caliber revolver that was reported stolen back in July 2016 out of Queen Anne’s County, Maryland, Fournier said.

More than $2,700 in suspected drug proceeds was also seized, Fournier said. Jones and Porter, his girlfriend, were not at the house during the search warrant.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Presidential Election Ridiculousness

I swore, with everything in me, that I would not jump into conversations about the election this time around. The problem with that is that I see some of the craziest notions floating around out there, and I cannot help myself. First of all, you should know that I choose not to vote for either of the two major candidates. I think they are both deplorable human beings with very few redeemable qualities. I, just as others should, am voting my conscience, not the lesser of two evils. There is no a lesser of two evils in this campaign. They are equally horrible choices. I choose to vote, just not for these two losers. FYI- This is an op-ed article.

This is the worst campaign that the United States has ever seen. The mudslinging is at an all-time high; with Hillary guilty of allowing tweet after tweet on Twitter that have nothing to do with the campaign. I know because I have gone to both her and Trump’s pages to see what they have to say. Like it or not, many people do base their decisions on the social media hype that people put out there. In this case, Trump is less guilty of mudslinging towards Hillary; however, he still does it.

Social websites (Twitter and Facebook, to be exact), are great influences on people. Just ask the thousands of people who have unfriended others because of arguments over which candidate has the worst reputation. The name-calling, the threats, the downright childish behavior of people who are normally very intelligent, has gone too far. How about you stop that and get on with life. No one’s opinion is going to change because you called them a dumb b, a d-head, a Nazi, Charlie Manson, baby killer, or racist. It doesn’t work that way. Be civil, be the intelligent, well-articulated person that we all know you can be.

Hillary also puts out nothing but negative advertisements on television, where I have not seen that from Trump at all. It doesn’t mean it’s not there, but I definitely see Hillary ads and they are all basically the same. Nothing to do with the issues facing America, just mudslinging. Why do that if you can stand on your own merit. It’s deflection at is best, or worst, depending on who you are. It’s all subjective.

Pursed lips? Someone just asked her a question she doesn't want to answer. America is great because it is good... What??

Why I won’t vote for Hillary:

Hillary is a liar—She claims one thing, then does another. She didn’t smirk when Benghazi was brought up at the debates, because though she said it wasn’t her fault when it all happened, she then said let’s not look at why it happened, but look at how we can change it the next time. What does it matter now? It matters to the family and friends of four dead Americans who Hillary decided not to take action in order to protect. Let’s not forget the infamous “I’m not sitting here-- some little woman standing by her man like Tammy Wynette”, yet she was sitting there, right next to Bill and is still sitting there right next to Bill. That leads me to the next reason not to vote for Hillary.

A win for Hillary means that Bill will, in fact, live in the White House—People say that how they handle their marriage has nothing to do with it and is no one’s business. These are the same people who continually bring up the fact that Donald Trump has been married and divorced more times than there have been sunrises since the beginning of time. If Trump’s divorces are fair game, then so is the Clinton marriage. It is relevant because putting Bill anywhere near the White House again is akin to putting him in a room alone with a sexy woman under a desk. According to some speculation, Hillary would never allow that to happen. She’s going to keep him in line. What makes you think so? Is it because she was so successful at keeping him in check the first time around? The First Lady, not sure what we call Bill if Hillary is elected, plays an important role in the White House. They are representatives of the United States as much as the president is. If you don’t believe it, watch videos of President Kennedy as he tells a room full of people that, basically, more people wanted to see Mrs. Kennedy than they wanted to see him. You might even ask Hillary herself how important that role is, she was, after all, First Lady at one time.

Classified Information—A host of emails on Hillary’s server are completely forgotten by her supporters. Here is why it is important to note these actions by Hillary. She lied about it, for one thing. She said that she only talked about Chelsea’s wedding in those emails. That is not, in fact, what happened. She sent thousands upon thousands of highly classified emails out over her personal server. Why is that important? It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. It shows her willful disregard for the safety of this country. It shows her inability to keep classified information just that, classified. Her willingness to ignore a basic protocol in order to keep this country, it’s people and it’s representatives, safe and sound. Roll those eyes all you want and pretend it doesn’t matter, but it matters more than you care to admit.

There are many other reasons that I would never consider voting for Hillary, but these are her major “flaws”, but they are enough to cause great harm to this country, and I just can’t go there. After all, each president we elect leaves a mark on the world that my grandchildren have to live with long after I am gone.

Most creative comb-over ever! Let's make America great again... 

Next! Reasons I would never vote for Donald Trump:

Extreme narcissistic behavior: Everything is about Trump. I have heard him use the word “I” far too many times. This election isn’t about Trump, it is about the American people and their needs, safety and freedom. No time to worry about what is right for Trump when, again, this is the world in which we leave to our grandchildren. They must live in it long after we are gone.

Extreme sexism: I would say misogynist, but it’s like an overplayed record and, quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing it. He sees women as beneath him, literally. He doesn’t give a rats behind about all Americans. Trump is in it for Trump. He’s not in it for you, for me, for our grandbabies. I don’t want this man as a role model for my grandson. Role models are too important. I wouldn’t encourage him to hang out with hookers, so why would I subject him to listening to a president who has no respect for women? And why on earth, would I vote for a man who is likely to shame my granddaughter, because she is a girl who will someday soon become a woman, and her self-worth should NEVER, EVER be called into question because some idiot with a passion for degrading women is president.

His hair: Okay, that’s not a thing. I just don’t like his hair. I can’t imagine anyone could take someone with troll doll hair seriously.  Forgive me, but I had to get a little humor in this piece.

All of these points are valid and real. They ARE a thing. Neither of these candidates are worthy of one single vote, and they won’t get mine. I will vote, that’s for sure. I just refuse to vote for two people like this republican and this democrat. Let me know when Larry Hogan runs. He is the current Governor of Maryland and his stance on the state is that it is for the people. That’s when I might see fit to vote for either of these parties again. Most citizens of Maryland are likely to agree after having endured the “tax it until they have no money in their paychecks” Martin O’Malley.

The long and short of it is that you can’t say Donald’s marriages (past and present) have everything to do with his ability to run the country and then say Hillary’s marriage doesn’t count because it was a long time ago. That goes for anything in the campaign. You can’t require one to have a certain set of standards and not expect it of the other.

It is your choice who to vote for. It would be greatly appreciated if people would stop social networking childish memes, irrelevant points, and rude behavior over things, that in the end, will not change a single person’s mind. These things can, however; destroy friendships and cause unjustifiable anger and stress. Go back to your corners and rethink your approach to others. As for me, I will unfollow (not unfriend, because that’s just stupid), those who choose to continually batter the candidates and those who disagree with them. Once the election is over, I will start to follow those who I unfollowed. I have had enough. I implore you to vote your conscience, not the lesser of two evils.

 Back then they thought there was mudslinging. Yeah, that was nothing compared to today.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Renewed Sadness and Anger Over Child Abuse

Child abuse occurs every day across the nation and around the world. A report of child abuse happens every ten seconds in the United States alone. 20,000 children have died in the past decade as a direct result of child abuse in the U.S. That is a staggering number of children by any standards.

A little over two years ago, I wrote a book describing, via a group of fictional characters, some of the atrocities that children face every day. The abuses suffered by the characters is said to be unrealistic to some readers; too dark for others. Certainly, it would seem unrealistic to some, to those who have not taken the time to discover what I uncovered while researching the subject matter or to those who were well sheltered against such things. Sadly, it occurs in the exact manner described in Danny’s Grace, save for the vengeance that he, his sister, and a drug dealer get in regards to one or two of the antagonists in the story.

I must say, I wish that no child ever suffered like this. I would love to say that all of what I wrote was fictional and that it truly was unbelievable. It’s good that there are people out there that have such faith in humankind as to believe that no child goes through such a thing, then you hear of someone who has suffered so many parts of the book that it breaks your heart all over again. It makes it all the more real and that is something so horrible that I cannot think about it without getting sick to my stomach.

No parent or other adult has the right to tear away at a child’s heart and soul like that. Knowing that you can look around you and know that one or more of the people in your class, in your workplace, in your neighborhood, has suffered at the hands of a child abuser, it can chill you to the bone. Even I sat in a classroom for years with one person, who eventually read the book and identified with it at levels most people couldn’t understand even if they tried, and I never even knew it until recent years.

It is a reminder of these horrid realities for some that brings me to write this blog about it again today. It DOES occur. It DOES affect the more people around you than you believe. It DOES NOT make sense. It never will. The truth is that it is ignored far too often. Nobody says a thing because they are afraid, unsure, unwilling, to go that extra mile and report what is happening right in front of them.

Imagine the number of children who are abused every day which go unreported. If you really think about it and look up statistics and facts about child abuse, it will feel as if someone kicked you in the back of the knees and knocked you down. Read the book, realize it is reality, think about the consequence an innocent child has to pay if you do not report something that you feel to be even a possible sign of child abuse.

If something happens to that child, it is not only on the abuser; it is also on every single person who did not step in to stop it. Forget about why it happened and concentrate on how we can put a stop to it now and in the future. No one wants to look back and say, “I thought it was happening, but I wasn’t sure, so I did nothing. Now that child is dead.” Chew on that back-fat right now, study it and if you don’t want to read the statistics, read the book so you can understand more about a subject we would rather not face as reality, but we know it’s there none-the-less. It’s just like any other thing in life; you can’t accomplish anything unless you are willing to face your fears, even when they are someone else’s reality. You can purchase Danny's Grace on by clicking here: Danny's Grace

Monday, March 28, 2016

Saved By Smoke Detectors

Saved by the Smoke Detector

The value of a smoke detector cannot be overstated. I bring this up today because if it were not for smoke detectors, my daughter, her husband and their three children would have died, not to mention the two dogs that were also in the house. In this case, it saved five people and two dogs. No, it didn’t save their belongings or even their house. Those things are too far-gone I fear. But no big deal.

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly would have rather my grandchildren to have awakened on Easter morning to their Easter baskets and then getting dressed in their Easter clothes. Instead, they were awakened by the sound of smoke detectors and a mother screaming to the two oldest to come down the stairs and grabbing the youngest one up in a bundle to rush them out of the door. The point is, all of those “things” can and will be replaced. Those precious, beautiful lives cannot be.

I cannot count the number of times on my fingers that I have heard of whole families dying in a horrific fire who did not have working smoke detectors or simply didn’t have them at all. My bet is that they probably didn’t have an escape plan either. Nothing can prepare you for something like this to happen, even being surrounded by fire fighters all your life, as was my daughter. Fire doesn’t discriminate, it happens and you can’t turn the clock back when it does. Fire is indescribably relentless and faster than most things you can fathom. Don’t chance it! Fire prevention is the key to saving lives.

Here are some fire prevention tips:

Make sure that your children have listened when they are taught about how to react if they are involved in a fire. Basic fire survival skills are taught in every school that I am aware of.

Have at least one WORKING smoke detector for each floor of the house.

Have at least two escape routes for everyone in the house and have drills as often as you can so that everyone understands what to do.

Have a place to meet outside in case you have to leave the house separately. This will help when fire crews show up as well so they know that everyone is accounted for. They have enough to do without searching for people in a burning house when everyone is already out.

Sleep with bedroom doors closed. If a fire breaks out, feel the door to be certain that it is not hot. If it is hot, DO NOT open it. Use the second escape route to get out of the house safely.

Remember the stop, drop and roll rule.

Keep as cool and collected as possible so that you can think clearly enough to herd everyone out to safety. Getting hysterical can easily lead to lost lives as well. And for crying out loud, memories are important, but they aren’t as important as your life. Leave everything! If you are all that daggone concerned about photos or other memories, put them in a safe place, including important papers you may need. (A safety deposit box comes to mind). Fire spreads far too quickly to think about anything but getting everyone out to safety.

Keep an extra set of clothes to include shirts, jackets, pants, socks, shoes, underwear, either in the car or someplace outside (such as a shed) when possible.

 The kitchen

 The bathroom

Where the two oldest children sleep. Up the stairs and to the right and left of this photo.

Where the youngest child slept.

I want to take this time to thank all the firefighters and other emergency crews who were at my daughter’s and her husband's home. Not only did five fire companies come to help put out the blaze, they also saved one of the dogs who went under the bed because she was afraid. I do not know who all was at the scene yesterday morning, but I believe the Red Cross and possibly the Ladies Auxiliary.  I greatly thank you for getting shoes and socks for my grandchildren and thank you to whoever gave them blankets so they could keep warmer. It was very cold out that morning. To Crystal Darr and her mother for everything they did quickly to help the family get what they needed, thank you so much. Thank you to Joey’s mother (my daughter’s husband's mother) for taking the three kids so they could get rest, get warm and maybe get their minds a little off what they had just experienced. And also for making sure they had a normal Easter day, as normal as possible anyway. That was just amazing. Last but not least, thank you to everyone who stepped up to the plate and offered food, clothing, shoes, toys, money and gift cards. My daughter and her family have a great support system because of their kind nature and the fact that they are good friends and family, therefore, they have good friends and family to support them when they need it most. What a great outpouring of love, caring and kindness! And thank God for making certain that these five and the two dogs survived the night.

Thank you all for listening to my ramblings and thank you all for all that you have done. A Go Fund Me account was set up by Michelle Main (thank you, Michelle for thinking of this!) to help replace some of the children’s things that they need. Thank you in advance for helping my daughter and her family in their greatest time of need.

Sincerely and with Great Gratitude,
Dawn Hawkins