Friday, February 16, 2018

End Game in Mass Shootings is not Finger Pointing

     There is far too much to say about this subject to put in a Facebook or Twitter post. First and foremost, if we do not stop ripping each other apart, there is no sense in arguing about gun laws. Whether you are for or against them, this isn’t about firing insults at each other. Find a center and work from there. Yes, there is a center where everyone can meet and discuss things like adults, but everyone is just too stubborn for their own good and the good of others.
     The first thing we should consider is that this is not mental illness. Labelling it as such is a detriment to people who truly do have mental issues. There comes a time to name the real problem. The real problem is hatred in a dark, black heart. Their intentions are to destroy others, and that’s what they do. Mass murderers are not mentally ill. If they were, they couldn’t pre-plan such evil acts. Spreading this as mental illness is only perpetuating the stigma that millions of people live with.
     It is also not being bullied, suffering child abuse, losing someone you love. The list goes on, but the point is, these things happen to people every single day of the year. Those things don’t prompt millions of others who often go into depression, to go out and kill a mass number of people. This latest shooter had a reason behind it. He wanted to make Florida all white. Odd that it was his goal, yet he shot up people who were white along with other races. He had a plan, and a well-thought out one. He had the presence of mind to pull a fire alarm to create more easy targets, he’s evil and it’s nothing more than that.
     I know this offends so many people, but my thoughts and prayers are really none of your concern. I send them every time something bad happens. I know it doesn’t fix the problem, but it does send comfort to those who need it most. It would be far worse for those who lost loved ones if they didn’t have the support they get from thoughts and prayers. It’s about holding them up and showing them that they are not alone. Nothing is ever “fixed” by sitting idly by with your hands under your butt. That requires action on your own part, whether you pray or not, or whether you think about those who are hurting. Stop battering others for what they believe or who they are. Chances are, no one agrees on a hundred percent of things. You actually do have to give if you want to receive, so how about we think like that.
     The point is, we all need to stop tearing each other apart and finger pointing and just get done what needs to be done. I don’t give a rats butt whether you think I believe what you do. If you want to destroy yourself, go for it. Stop taking the country down with the petty bickering and find that place in every loving human heart that want to compromise.
     Final thoughts: #DontEatTidePods… It kills.


Saturday, October 14, 2017

It's Popular to be a Champion of Women, but what about the Children?

In light of the Harvey Weinstein story, broken by Ronan Farrow, people feign shock and surprise that this could have happened in Hollywood. By God, we are so outraged by this because women were taken advantage of, raped and threatened in order to keep their silent secret, yet we have a group that barely anyone is looking at. The number of children raped in Hollywood circles for decades is, was and may forever be permanently swept under the rug.

It isn’t that this author doesn’t believe these women should have justice, but it is a greater belief that children were the greatest victims of all in the business of Hollywood. If you want your child to be a star, rather than consenting to let that child be passed around like a paid hooker at a bachelor party, maybe protect your child. After all, isn’t that the job you were given the day you knew that you were going to be a parent?

Why are we not talking about the depravity of Hollywood concerning children? These kids had no power to stop, report or ability to fight off their predators. Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Todd Bridges, Joey Coleman, Samantha Geimer, Michael Egan, Alisan Arngrim and Evan Henzi. One of the most famous cases is that of Dylan Farrow who was molested by Woody Allen, only a handful of people believed her. As a reminder, it was Ronan Farrow, her brother, that broke the Weinstein case wide open. He is a champion for his sister and I can’t say enough how much I admire his tenacity in showing everyone exactly what Hollywood is all about, and a factual account, not news based on personal opinion.

Think about this for just a moment. Roman Polanski sexually assaulted a young girl after the girl’s mother dropped her off to be photographed by Polanski. Was the mother innocent in this case, no. Any mother that would not insist on being present when her daughter was going to be alone with a man who was going to photograph her is just as culpable. Polanski jumped on a plane and flew away to take refuge in another country so as not to face his punishment for said incident.

As if that were not bad enough, Polanski, post-escape, won an Oscar and got a standing ovation from his colleagues. This alone should have told everyone how depraved Hollywood is. Polanski will never step foot in the United States again, unless he somehow sneaks in. That’s not enough, but that’s where it stands.

Why, then, are we so shocked and put out that this happens to adult women? It’s not as if people didn’t know these things went on in Hollywood. The real question is, why have people acted as though it didn’t happen. Hollywood goes about it’s business, as people keep the dirty, but well-known, secrets and people around the globe only get outraged when it’s popular to stand up for women’s rights?

Whatever the case may be, if you aren’t outraged more by the fact that this happens to small children who have no voice, no way to get help because even their parents don’t protect them, then you have no right to be outraged because it’s popular to be a champion for women. Thank you, Ronan Farrow! You made no bones about it and you now have people talking about what happened to your sister, simply because you brought this to light. That’s bravery!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hollywood Shocked about Weinstein? Only because He was Caught!

Hollywood is in a state of shock after finding out that Harvey Weinstein is a sexual predator. They are in shock because he was known for his behavior. I can see their confusion on this issue, since he was clearly an outstanding member of their high society of sexual depravity.

Everyone was afraid to open their mouths in fear of his retribution, via threats of court battles over privacy agreements. There should be no reason for California, or any other state, to make it law that a privacy agreement is not effective if it involves sexual harassment, rape, etc. involved, right?

I am appalled at the shock in Hollywood over these incidents, not because they don’t have a right to be upset, but the picky methods they use to feel outraged. Never mind the children, who are now adults dealing with serious issues, who have been raped and sold off by their parents in hopes of fame and fortune for the child. Decades of this BS has been going on, and people are shocked that Weinstein could have used his power to strong arm women into sexual acts?

Maybe we shouldn’t mention the resounding applause Roman Polanski received after winning an award given out by Hollywood. We shouldn’t mention the fact that Polanski sexually assaulted an underage girl and then fled the country to avoid any type of punishment for his crime.

Maybe we shouldn’t mention Woody Allen who also stands accused of child molestation by one of his children, but so many have not believed. But we should mention that her brother, Ronan, is the one who actually broke the Weinstein story, a true story. We should mention it because he knows firsthand how Hollywood handles their business and their power. He is a champion for these causes, as he should be.

We shouldn’t mention the numerous children who have told their stories through the years that Hollywood destroyed their lives because of the sexual depravity there. Those children have been voices for this cause for decades, but no one was listening. Well, at least they changed the laws, but the behavior, not so much.

Hollywood has never been a beacon of reality. It is based on a fantasy world that truly doesn’t exist. Anyone who takes stock in the life of Hollywood should really take a second look at their morals, because Hollywood is just another name for “Do Whatever The Hell We Please Because We Are Just That Powerful”. They are powerful because we make them powerful.

No one paid attention to the child abuse, child sexual assault and sexual assault heaped upon so many in Hollywood who were seeking their fame and fortune. The difference between the two is that children were put in that position by their parents. When I wrote my book, Danny’s Grace, it was about just this type of behavior. I really need to get it back on the market because it’s just as fitting today as it was when it was first published. I am still just as appalled at the behavior now as I was then.

Not a single person in Hollywood is truly surprised that this was happening. They are only surprised that the story finally broke. Thank you, Ronan Farrow, for addressing this topic in such a straightforward, fact-based article. Thank you to those actors and actresses that didn’t stand and applaud a known child sex offender, though there were only a few of you. Meryl Streep’s words have never held weight with me since seeing her standing and applauding such a depraved, little man.

If you were truly shocked about Weinstein and his many acts of sexual crimes against women, then either I feel sorry for you for being so blind or I feel disgusted by you for choosing to be blind to it.

Stepping off my soapbox until next time,

Appalled By Hollywood for Decades

Monday, October 2, 2017

Non-violent People with Violent Tendencies in Face of Las Vegas Tragedy

The events on Sunday night in Las Vegas breaks my heart into a million pieces, as it should anyone with a soul. It is apparent to me that this country has a bigger problem than I thought. I knew it was bad, but when people respond with posts that say they have no sympathy for the victims because they were country music fans and that most country music fans are republican, it shows there is no hope for this world. If it were meant as a joke, definitely not funny. If it was meant as a serious commentary, you are a soulless person with so little hope for this world that you must thrust your arrogance and ignorance in other people’s faces.

These people are the same people screaming for gun control and professing their non-violent natures. There is something so wrong in our society when it reacts this way. There was a time this country came together in a crisis. That time is not now. It’s just another reason for people to snipe at each other. Those saying such things are pathetic pieces of crap. Rant over. Prayers for the victims and all those who loved them.  

 Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit. You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Dear Ravens: You are a disgrace

Dear Ex-My Ravens,

It is with great displeasure that I write to you today. I stood with you through thick and thin. Loss after loss since the last Super Bowl we played in. Sunday’s game, when thousands and thousands of your fans either spent thousands of dollar to watch the game in person or started to give ratings a boost to watch your game, you lost my support. Those diehard fans would have still been fans had you lost, but when you lost their respect on Sunday morning, your precious NFL came another step closer to extinction.

For you to stand hand over heart to “God Save the Queen” after you just kneeled in “solidarity” with other kneelers during our national anthem was a double slap in the face to your fans. That is very much like pledging allegiance to that country instead of your own. I love England and all the people who I have had the pleasure of getting to know there. What I don’t love is that you, American citizens visiting in another country, embarrassed American fans by your display. You were supposed to represent us, but you chose not to.

Actions speak louder than words and your actions showed us a lot. Solidarity with the people in the nation means bringing people together rather than adding fuel to the fire of divisiveness in our country. Your actions added fuel to the fire. I had to turn the television off when I saw that and it will not turn to another station while your games or any other NFL game is playing on it. Your actions were intentional to say the least. You already knew that people would be angry over it, again, fuel to the fire.

Your ratings may not bother you, but they will bother the sponsors. You have a right to your opinion. You have a right to speak it or act on it. Most people would have lost their jobs for doing what you did. Instead, the NFL gives you a pat on the back, yet another slap in the face of those you do not value, those who pay your outrageous salaries. Therefore, instead of watching all of you, perhaps I will spend that four hours of time that I save per week to help those affected by domestic violence, another thing the NFL approves of. Perhaps I will spend that time picking at my toenails, but it is still a better alternative than watching you play.

Fans would have been disappointed by the fact that you lost the game so terribly, but they would have stuck by you and hoped for the best the next time. Instead, fans waited to hear what the scores were so they could cheer and clap when you lost. I would have stopped watching if Ray Rice was still playing on your team, but he got the boot and that kept me around. Now I am sorry that I did.

I am all for your rights to have an opinion or stating your opinion, but not when you are working. That is a problem for me and to thousands of other fans. We want to watch you play football. Enough of the political landscape every time I turn on the television. There are very few things that I will even watch on television now because of the climate and the list just got four hours shorter. I’ll stick with Netflix, DVD’s and iTunes purchases.

You wanted to pretend like you were in the song, “We are the World” and totally forgot that you don’t speak for everyone. I know the NFL won’t implode just yet. I also know that every time something stupid happens in the NFL that people start dropping off. The more people who drop off puts you one-step closer to extinction.

One last thing before I end this. There are people in Mexico right now who do not have electricity, water, food and/or homes to live in right now. Instead of taking a knee that does nothing, send a truckload of water to them. Maybe you should, with all your millions of dollars, consider doing that. Maybe take your kneeling time and use it to recognize the people around the globe who are suffering due to the overwhelming natural disasters. Instead of that, you kneel in order to protest the president. Now that’s what I call priorities. Such a shame that you wasted your time on the never-ending merry-go-round called “Poor millionaire me, the president hurt our feelings”. Move on, I know I have as of this last word.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Syria Airstrikes: Trump Still Putin's Puppet?

Syria is under attack, but it isn’t from outside forces, rather the forces of their own government. The recent chemical attacks are incomprehensible as well as reprehensible. It was a shock to the world to hear of this incident that took the lives of so many innocent people. A greater shock was the United States response to the attacks.

President Trump, last night, ordered airstrikes on the base where the chemical missiles were launched. The world has watched the United States closely since Trump was elected and this situation has sharpened the eyes of those watching. What is surprising more than anything, numerous Trump’s staunchest opponents have backed the move to help quell the problems that have been plaguing Syria for years.

Let’s get a little grip on what people are saying about the United States airstrikes. First of all, Americans have been making noise about the need to do something to help the Syrian people from the atrocious acts of terror by their own government. Do you remember that? What did Americans actually do about it? Draw lines. We drew a line, then drew another line, then another. How many lines can you draw before you realize you are the enablers? You can draw as many lines as it takes to get President Trump elected and sworn in, that’s how many.

The airstrikes by the United States were against a base, not the people. No civilians (or shall we call them victims of a tyrannical government?), were injured because of the airstrikes. That was and never will be the goal. What is the goal, you ask? The goal is to put an end to the atrocities occurring in that country on a daily basis as well as root out the evil forces of ISIS.

I go on about this today because I have seen very outlandish claims on social media today. President Trump, according to some, decided to randomly strike a Syrian base because he wants to divert attention from a more important issue. Um, no. There is no more important an issue today than the things happening in Syria right now.

 I think my favorite idiotic comments comes from those who say Trump did this on Putin’s orders. Um, no. Putin is a little pissed off right now. Hello, wake up little people who believe that The U.S. should just keep rolling over for a nice stick up the rear.

Here is another favorite. Trump attacked with his heart and not his head. Were you not the people who said Trump had no heart? Yes, you are, so stop it, just stop it. Anyone who saw the father holding his two babies (twins), who are now dead because of the actions of their own government, or anyone who saw the young boy break down when asked how many of his family members died as a result of the attacks (14 if you must know); if you saw these images and your heart didn’t break for them, you are one cold b----. President Trump didn’t order the attacks because his heart told him to, though he should feel that stabbing shot in the heart. He ordered the strikes because we need to stop drawing lines and start giving these people their homes back.

People worried about getting those people over here, do you even think? If our government were to do what the Syrian government is doing, would you rather flee forever or reclaim your country with the help of your true friends and neighbors? I would opt for the latter. Help me get my home back and I will feel hope. How hopeless do you think the Syrian people feel right now as opposed to yesterday? I have no proof that they are grateful for it rather than the MSM news this morning, but I would place bets that they are not only thankful, but finally have been given a glimmer of hope that all is not lost.

People have spent months talking about Trump being Putin’s puppet, then he proves you wrong and you say he did it because he’s Putin’s puppet. Sorry, but I don’t get that. Just face it, all people who have said these things, you were wrong and that is the bottom line.

You can’t scream at the top of your lungs that we need to do something and not expect something to be done. You cannot say you care about the Syrian people if you believe the best way to help is to help them flee instead of giving them their home back. The world has failed the Syrian population for years, including the U.S. under President Obama’s terms. We are no longer failing them, so pull up your big girl panties and make up your mind about whether you give a crap about the people who have been terrorized by their own government for years.

A final word: Conspiracy theorists, you lost me at 9/11 when you downplayed the role of terrorists in the attacks and slammed the memories of hundreds who died that day. Back away, you’ve got nothing but a handful of BS.

Until next time, have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bathroom Rights versus Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is an issue that should remain front and center until such a time that it is virtually non-existent, but it has largely been ignored in the national picture, rarely a priority. Things are changing under the Trump administration, some for the worst, but many for the better safety of the American people. There have been 7572 victims of human trafficking this year. To put that into perspective, it is only February.

The news is great at getting coverage out of people sitting in a town hall meeting that appear to be nothing more than a Trump bashing session, but they aren’t so great at getting word out that an order by President Trump is aimed at fighting human and drug trafficking rings. The news is great at stirring the pot over which bathroom a transgender person is using, but not so great at shedding light on much more serious issues.

Instead of worrying about the non-existent rights of ILLEGALimmigrants and who can use what bathroom, let’s worry about real human rights. Let’s talk about the horrid conditions that the human trafficking victims must endure. Let’s talk about Ashton Kutcher as he testified about solutions to human trafficking. I applaud him for his efforts in working to rescue victims and arresting the perpetrators of the dehumanizing crime.

Human trafficking is slavery at best. These victims are used for various things, but most notably, for sexual abuse. They live in fear of their lives, but become conditioned to believe that the abuse is normal. This should have ALWAYS been a priority, yet we’re worried about what bathroom a person can use. Human trafficking—that’s what a human rights violation is.

That is what amazes me about the news. President Trump keeps saying fake news, alternative news. I don’t agree with those statements. It’s not because I don’t think there is a problem with the press. I do think there is a problem with the press. I prefer to call it biased news. When Trump bashing town hall meetings are covered, but human trafficking issues are not, then I have a problem with the media. It doesn’t get any more biased than that. Put this issue on the news when it is being addressed by the highest office in the world. Put this issue front and center because it deserves to be there.

You can fight for what’s right. That is your prerogative. What you choose as your fight defines you as a human being. I prefer to fight for those who are truly the most vulnerable, those children (and the adults) who have no way to defend themselves against the torture they must endure on a daily basis. The reality is that there are very few ways to weed out, arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of such crimes.

Instead of tax dollars heading to states that are more worried about illegal aliens than they are about human trafficking (California’s victims are the highest with 1323 within that 7572 victims) divert the money to the fight against trafficking. Something is wrong with our mindset when people are not out there with signs to end human trafficking, but they are out there with random signs about some perceived wrong that hasn’t even happened (bathroom rights excluded since that has already happened). Where is our mindset? Shouldn’t you look in the mirror and determine whether you are for human rights at the very deepest and darkest or whether you are worried about bathroom rights?

I’ll fight for bathroom rights the minute someone is denied access to USING the bathroom. I’ll worry about human trafficking when it crushes the very core of human freedom, dignity and souls. Thank you, President Trump, for helping to shine a light on and act on the lowest form of life, the perpetrators of human trafficking. Get on board with that, “news” outlets, get on board with that!

Signing out until the next time. Have a wonderful day and please be sure that there isn’t a worse human condition to fight against than the one you are fighting for.